Monday, May 4, 2015

Walker, Intimidated in Michigan, punts again

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Monday joined the list of politicians who've deflected this question from Michigan reporters: Would you have supported the U.S. loans to General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC to get through their 2009 bankruptcies? 
“That's a hypothetical question in the past. We're going to talk about the future,” Walker said...
But wasn't he labor's friend ten days ago? What happened? 

Can't wait for his Lincoln impression later tonight from Michigan. 


Anonymous said...

Guess it didn't occur to our college dropout governor that how a politician might handle a past event could help us see what he might do in the future.

Naw. That's too complicated.

Anonymous said...

How can we trust someone who can't even admit that something that has already happened worked? If everything he says or does is determined by the ideology of his biggest campaign donor du jour, how can he ever get anyone to trust what he says from day to day? He is as shallow as can be.