Monday, May 11, 2015

Walker schedules Wisconsin drop-in later this week

Walker returns from his junket to Israel on Thursday - - maybe a bit jet-lagged, such are the burdens facing Mideast experts-in-training - - but it looks like he'll have just enough time to finally grab one of his patented ham sandwiches after a pork-products-free week, show staffers some travel snapshots, try out his new anti-terror talking points on the home state media and maybe, if time allows, to check in with legislators about his floundering budget, NBA arena financing plan and underfunded transportation program.

But then...duty calls...and it's back on the jet to Iowa for Priority #1 - - more GOP politicking and fundraising - - according to a website that tracks all potential 2016 candidates' time in for what is truly Hog Heaven for Walker: Iowa:
Gov. Scott Walker is scheduled to visit Iowa on May 16, 2015.  He plans to attend a Blue Jean Bash hosted by Dallas County Record Chad Airhart on Turnberry Drive in West Des Moines [at the former Elwell home ("central Iowa's most expensive home")]; attend a fundraiser for state Rep. John Landon at The Pinnacle Club in Ankeny; and in the evening will speak at the Republican Party of Iowa's Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines.


Anonymous said...

We love you more and more you know. You are the voice for many.

ohbrad said...

Laundry at moms?

Anonymous said...

Must be a Scooter troll. No one in their right mind could love such a criminal. Not even a mother.