Monday, May 11, 2015

Walker, GOP raising state parks user taxes

You will remember that Walker is saying "no" to an increase in the cost of registering a vehicle in Wisconsin because that 'fee' is actually a tax, he said:
MILWAUKEE (WTAQ) - Governor Scott Walker appears to have ruled out higher vehicle registration fees to help reduce his budget plan to borrow $1.3 billion for road work. 
At an appearance in Milwaukee late Thursday, the Republican Walker said motorists would not have a choice in paying the extra fees -- and to him, that would be a tax.

While Walker is, as we speak, enjoying an "educational" trip to Israel paid for by various supporter and donor groups, and has been treated to numerous taxpayer-supported partisan and self-serving promotional visits the last few months to Iowa, Texas, South Carolina, England, Germany, Spain and France - - to name but a few - - everyday Wisconsinites heading for state parks this summer will pay steeply-increased fees to cover Walker and his legislative allies'  elitist budget tampering:

Walker proposed park fee increases of $2 to $3 and the withdrawal of all tax support for state parks. Lawmakers left the parks without tax revenue, but approved even higher fees.
...the cost of electricity at a campsite would double to $10 a night, base campsite fees would increase to a maximum of $20 from $15 for state residents, while nonresidents would pay a maximum of $25, up from $17.
An additional $3 fee currently can be charged for most sites, because they are considered “high demand.” 
...Annual trail passes would rise to $25 from $20 and daily entrance fees would increase by $1.
The broader context for this degradation of state parks includes Walker's assault on state lands, the environment and their preservation 
Land adjacent to popular Kohler Andrae State Park ticketed for a lakefront golf course

And for all of Walker's plans and partisan politicking, there is a bigger picture:
Scott Walker facts little known outside Wisconsin


jg said...

Didn't Walker state that his "educational" trip to Israel wouldn't include photo ops, etc.?

my5cents said...

While county executive, Walker created a mountain of deferred costs ..., like the $200 million needed for the county parks system. He said he would do for the state what he did for Milwaukee County. People should have taken him seriously. Everyone needs to reread this:

Raising fees (taxes on the poor) is the same playbook Tommy Thompson used. They get in a budget bind then raise taxes on the people who can least afford it. That's what all Republicans do all the time.