Monday, May 4, 2015

Walker honing Malice Towards Many message for Lincoln Day speech

For his Lincoln Day dinner speech in Detroit suburb tonight, Walker's got the sane advisers who deleted the truth search and public service language from The Wisconsin Idea re-writing Abraham Lincoln's obsolete"malice towards none" theme.

How else do you explain cutting Medicaid, food stamps, ballot access, public education and health services to low-income women as Republican ideals and practices? The speech writers have a lot of material to choose from

Also expect Walker to explain that when Lincoln said "a house divided against itself cannot stand" message, Honest Abe really meant "divide-and-conquer," since that's how real Republicans talk today.


Anonymous said...

Gov. Scott Walker's real speechwriter is GOD!

We are witnessing the creating of a NEW NEW Testament. Governor Scott Walker is doing The Lord's work because he is The Son Of God.

I read about it in my newspaper. Everything he does comes from Our Lord. Why do haters want to fight Our Creator?

Everyone needs to get behind Scott Walker or they will spend eternity with the damned. Do you not recognize The Lord's Prophet when you see it?

And if you don't see it, do you not read the state's largest newspapers? Doing so will confirm, Scott Walker is merely a tool of God and is doing The Lord's will. We should not even have to elect God's Servant. He should be seated at the top of our government based on his direct conversations with God.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02

I have always wondered why Scott Walker is such a humble servant and why he sucks of the public teat instead of "making the big bucks" in the private sector.

Now I know, thanks for directing me to search Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's website. Scott Walker is a humble servant because he is The Son Of God and is doing His Work.

I would not have expected objective and professional journalists to write about this, nor would I expect a newspaper to publish it. But they do, so it must be true! GOD BLESS SCOTT WALKER and I can't wait to read this NEW NEW Testament that will correct all the mistakes Jesus Christ made when he talked about compassion for the poor.

Anonymous said...

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

Today MJS is reporting:

Wisconsin Supreme Court divided over chief justice

This report is written by the same guy that repeatedly published stories that Psycho-Judge David Prosser's physical confrontations with another Justice and his profane statements directed at Chief Justice Abrahamson were the fault of Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and that if she was removed as Chief Justice, sanity would be restored to the bench.

As usual, this writer is misrepresenting the status of Chief Justice Abrahamson's lawsuits, falsely proclaiming her filings are being slapped down when, in fact, that Judge has merely stated that he will consider action once she can demonstrate that Republicans have enacted their plan and formally removed her from the bench.

my5cents said...

Wow, what with all of Walker's travels (is that why he owes so much on his credit cards) to give speeches, if he was in the private sector he'd be a millionaire by now, wouldn't he?

Raven said...

"... if he was in the private sector he'd be a millionaire by now...."

As a wholly-owned property of Koch Industries, ISN'T he in the private sector?

He sure doesn't behave like a "public servant"....