Thursday, May 7, 2015

Prevailing wage repeal fails in committee; Sykes rallying righty troops

The bill to repeal Wisconsin's prevailing wage law - - a measure that guarantees middle-class wages on big road-building and other projects- - failed 3-2 in a State Senate committee this morning with one GOP cross-over vote joining two Democrats in opposition.

Righty radio talker Charlie Sykes blasted the vote, criticized Walker, Assembly GOP leader Vos and Senate GOP majority leader Fitzgerald for a failure of leadership - - those three are probably thinking, 'What, isn't Act 10 and right-to-work isn't enough dividing and conquering?' - -  and said it was up to rank-and-file legislative supporters to save the measure.

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Evidently our divide-and-conquer governor has decided that being in-state and pushing this threw is not helpful to his presidential ambitions. Scooter needs to bail-out of here promptly before the economy and state's finances are so poor not even the Wall Street Journal can pump them up with lies.

Besides, Walker must know that there will be another petition drive to recall him in November (can't launch until then). This will be awkward for his presidential ambitions, so he needs to pound the pavement out-of-state now to build recognition and leads in polls.

Unlike what many have anticipated, the national media will not vet him in any meaningful way and is giving him outstanding press coverage now. This is why he has to make hay while the gettin' is good and before more comes out about criminal investigations and before people start circulating recall petitions.

Raven said...

"It Came from Sykes' Brain" - sounds like a 1950s horror-scifi movie, as do his suggestions...

Anonymous said...

Belling got it right in the Waukesha Freeman today. The leadership knows they already lost all the Reagan Democrats and changes to prevailing wage means the non-union construction workers will be equal losers. In other words, they might lose everything they fought to gain control over and everything could be flipped faster than it changed.

Sykes, you're my hero you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate Sykes. I've a buddy in Racine who worships at Charlie's altar. Recently he bragged to me of making $44/hr at a union shop in Milwaukee years ago and yet thought RTW was great. That's brainwashing.