Thursday, May 7, 2015

On WI jobs, economy, Vos, Walker off-course for years

Reminding everyone again, in light of Wisconsin's failed budgeting, job growth and wage levels, of just how off-course our Rocket Men Gov. Walker and now-Assembly leader Robin Vos have been:

WI Republicans repeating failed Walker/jobs' fairy tales

...Walker himself mouthed the self-serving talking point about how his plans would spectacularly bring new jobs to Wisconsin:
Gov. Walker says business hiring will skyrocket after he wins recall election
SPRINGFIELD, IL (WTAQ) - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told an Illinois business conference today that quote, “like a rocket, you’ll see businesses hiring” after the June fifth recall election. 
As Wisconsin's Economy Remains Stalled, We Remember... 
The economic prediction of state legislator Robin Vos, now Assembly Speaker, who spoke with certainty in April 2012 about the coming boom in Wisconsin once Scott Walker nailed down the recall win: 
Once June 5 hits and Gov. Scott Walker is securely re-elected, “our economy is going to take off like a rocket,” state Rep. Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said Monday during a meeting with The Journal Times Editorial Board. 
So, why does Forbes rank Wisconsin 41st for business
Why is Walker about a third of the way towards his 250,000 new-jobs creating goal after nearly three years in office? 
And what kind of rocket was that, again?
Such as the falling rocket-propelled arrows stuck in Hatay

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Anonymous said...

It is shameful that no one in the media is reporting this fact: The Joint Finance Committee has just announced that Wisconsin has a ZERO GROWTH economy. And it is worse than this, they have indicated that revenues may actually FALL, meaning we have a contracting economy. They decided to hedge their bets and come out with a best-case scenario: THERE WILL BE NO GROWTH IN THE WISCONSIN ECONOMY FOR 2 YEARS!

This should be a disaster for Walker and his Republican allies, but the media will not tell the public what is happening and most don't understand what this means. JFC had to announce reduced revenues for the last budget and the situation is not getting better and appears to be getting worse, but they have decided not to factor that into their forecast.