Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Roggensack speaks through Sykes show this morning

You don't have to have a degree in law or political science to grasp the meaning of newly-designated Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice (*) Patience Roggensack's call to right-wing talker Charlie Sykes' radio show just after 9 a.m. today.

Roggensack wanted to complain about the headline of today's Journal Sentinel print edition story - - "Will the real chief justice please stand."

She said she thought the headline made fun of the Court, and she wanted to assure people that she indeed was the Chief Justice.

Right now, Roggensack and Shirley Abrahamson claim the title.

Roggensack was elected by her colleagues after voters approved a recent referendum that changed the selection method statute and procedure. Abrahamson held the title by virtue of winning the most statewide elections, and has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court that would affirm her status and the method of selection - - seniority - - when she was elected in 2009 for another ten-year term..

A couple of things:

Roggensack is that bent out of shape by a headline? You'd think she'd be a little savvier about media and time management than that.

And does she know or care that she labels herself a partisan with axes to grind by using a show so openly supportive of Scott Walker while the Doe probe case which is key to Walker's future is before the Court right now?

Roggensack said she wanted to administer the Court by "consensus" and wasn't out to make the transition difficult for Abrahamson, but having first said she would steer the Court away from its "dictatorial" administration sure made Roggensack's message disingenuous.


Anonymous said...

Marley continues to mislead on this story, again implying that a judge "twice declined to block the state Supreme Court from choosing a new chief justice while Abrahamson's case continues" as if this means her case has no merits.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Abrahamson filed when she did because she knew the republicans would act quickly to make the court a partisan arm of Scott Walker. She needed to get the ball rolling in the courts.

That a judge has ruled that the case can proceed once she can show actual damage should surprise no one, nor does it mean that the judge is signalling that the filings are without merit. This is what Abrahamson anticipated when she filed. The judges rulings on her filings clearly state that her case will be taken up and promptly considered on its merits.

Marley and MJS don't want you to know this. It suits their purpose to misleadly imply (today) or falsely state (in his previous reports) that Abrahamson is being swatted down. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Ruling by "consensus" is easy to proclaim when your side has accepted millions and millions of dollars from out-of-state interests that will directly benefit from the rulings you were installed on the bench to make.

Roggenhack is actually proclaiming that she wants to make everything the court does political and partisan. She is stating that she intends to deliver to the out-of-state multinational corporate interests that paid to stack the court with republicans -- special interests that are so deeply engrained in today's Wisconsin politics that they flagrantly STOLE a seat on the bench for David Prosser in April 2011.

Anonymous said...

The only consensus she wants to lead with is a partisan consensus not a consensus based on expertise as shown by years on the bench in the Supreme Court. How stupid to politicize the state's highest court and going to Syke's "dog and pony" show to announce this to your partisan cheerleader and his friends.

Anonymous said...

Is Roggensack so blind that she would assume that voters wanted her as Chief Justice before the end of Abrahamson's ELECTED 10-year term? Seriously? She sorely misinterprets what the electorate wants, and, in fact, is substituting her desire for reality. She should stand-down until Abrahamson's term is complete. There will be books written about the self-serving aspect of conservatives on the SCOWI and their corrupt acceptance of money from the same individuals and groups on whose cases they will rule. The conservatives on this court will go down in state, national and legal history for having destroying their judicial reputations.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is time for the republicans to send out their enforcer, David Prosser, to shake some sense into Abrahamson. When he is done with her, she will wish that he just called her the b-word. Its time for some serious chokin' and I don't mean David's chicken.

Anonymous said...

For a refresher on facts about the leadership style of Justice Roggensack, here's Justice Bradley's statement on the incident when Justice Prosser angrily wrapped his hands around Bradley's neck, in the presence of Roggensack and others.


According to Bradley, having ignored her previous request for the Court to deal with ongoing issues of safety in the workplace, Roggensack excused Prosser for sometimes being goaded into making threats; blamed Bradley for causing Prosser to grab her neck; and, as an eyewitness, denied that Prosser had touched Bradley -- even though Prosser himself admits he had.

Anonymous said...

Careful what you ask for MJS. The Executive Committee of WMC stood up this morning and congratulated each other on their recent takeover.

my5cents said...

So, does passage of this amendment/law now mean that no Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice can run for Chief of the State Supreme Court and that with every State Supreme Court election there will be a new election for the chief justice from within their ranks?