Friday, May 1, 2015

Charges in Bridgegate cost Walker status

[Updated, 8:09 p.m.] He's no longer the only GOP presidential hopeful with ex-staffers/allies charged criminally in service to the boss - - though six Walker ex-aides, donors or associates were charged, while Christie's current count is three.

Another big difference in Walker's favor: he's in a less-important media market than is Christie, and has made a career on being obfuscatory and "midwestern nice," while Christie has enjoyed the role of bully in the bully pulpit.


Anonymous said...

You fail to mention the big difference: Walker gets much better propaganda. He has been under investigation for his entire term as Governor! But the state's largest news outlets are still proclaiming him to be entirely above it all and falsely proclaiming that there is controversy over whether any of this leads to him.

Christie has gotten nowhere near the faux news coverage that this is a partisan "witch hunt" and that the is no reason for investigations, not in the New Jersey press or in the national press.

Scott Walker, on the other hand, is entirely puffed-up by disinformation that falsely paints him as being above the fray here coupled with outrageous reports that somehow he is doing God's work and even converses with God on everything he does.

Who would Jesus lie to? Who would Jesus divide-and-conquer"? Who would Jesus make pee in a cup? Who would Jesus kill by denying them health care, food, clothing, shelter?

Which billionaires would Jesus hoist onto the back of a camel to thrust threw the eye of a needle and into the Kingdom of Heaven?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32

Is it because of "Wisconsin nice" that most of the state's journalists are afraid to be more adversarial? You know, "don't spit in the soup -- we all have to drink from it"?

They seem to have no similar qualms in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

You are both being unfair. Poor Scotty Walker has been the victim of a corrupt staff. Its not his fault and its not fair to use this against him to prevent him from doing the things the koch brothers have paid for.

The only honorable thing to do is make Scott Walker president.

Anonymous said...

Walker haters can learn a lot from this pic:

Anonymous said...

I bet Chris Christie is ready to pop the gastric band he had surgically implanted to lose weight. This is not going to be pretty.

my5cents said...

I read yesterday where another commentator said, "The leader is responsible for the actions of his or her underlings." To that I had to respond that it was funny, because Scott Walker never took the responsibility for his underlings as Milwaukee County Executive and their email scheme and working on his campaign on the taxpayer's dime. And, he claims to be a leader.

Anonymous said...

Walker is not responsible for the actions of his closest aides if the in-state media catapults the propaganda that he is not along with every other pro-Walker talking point from his office. He can only be responsible for the actions of others if we demand it. The media, in Wisconsin, is in the bag for him.

The media matters and propaganda works. We can continue to tell the truth here, but it won't reach those that need to hear it if we don't continue to call out the state's largest media cheerleaders and demand change.

Raven said...

Scott Walker put dishonest people in positions where they were able to loot funds for aid to veterans' families, etc. — without his choosing and appointing them, they couldn't have committed those crimes!

Anonymous said...

Without the complicity and support of the media, Walker could not escape culpability. He has and the media that covered this up for him will never go back and tell the truth now.

Think about that for a moment. It means that Walker is destined to bigger things in 2016.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

No. It means Chris Christie is closer to NYC and DC, where more media exist that isn't on the take.

There isn't a single vote in this primary for 8 months. Patience darling, patience

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is getting the kind of fawning press from out-of-state and national media. The pro-Walker talking points are not just coming from Wisconsin. Anyone that thinks the media will turn 180 degrees and start providing factual analysis is not paying attention. There are plenty of facts on the table and he has been under investigation for his entire term of Governor.

There is no shortage of truth to tell about Scott Walker, the media just isn't telling it, nor will they at this point. Christie may be closer to NYC then DC, but Walker is being reported as the front runner. Surely, Jake, you are not trying to say that the facts aren't available to NY media?!?!?!?!?!

Just like 1999 when George WALKER Bush threw his hat in the ring, the media has decided who their guy is. Remember, W (Walker) Bush had a terrible track record in Texas too, but he and his administration was promoted as a "dream team".

In an Internet age, it is not credible to proclaim that a front-runner is not being covered because a guy that has not real standing with voters in the polls is closer.

And, outrageously, even though George WALKER Bush was asleep at the switch on 9/11 and the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil definitely happened on his watch, all we heard going into 2004 from the media was that "Bush kept us safe"!

Anonymous said...

There is an entire chapter dedicated to the Scott Walker recall election in the book Matrix of Deceit

One cannot understand today's politics without understanding what the media's role is in creating the narrative. Those that get this, know why we need to make the dialog about the dishonest coverage that blankets our media.