Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Walker's jobs agency models failure, and one product

The product is a revolving door.

The failure.

The bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

This isn't glitch. It's a feature. The entire point of wedc was to build a campaign tool for Walker's 2016 White House run and not in-terms of success for Wisconsin. The media will and is promoting Walker's lies about his economic policies anyhow. wedc doesn't need to accomplish anything except create a base of campaign gifts. The more folks move in-and-out the better for Walker. The revolving door means he has more cronies in-place to build his 2016 campaign. Wisconsin media reports the constant turnover as "normal" and has never done a complete story on wedc failures, multimillion dollar write-offs, pay-to-play, and dysfunctional leadership. The state's taxpayers are being fleeced and kept in the dark.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Correct. They make the deals while working for WEDC, and make the deals once they leave WEDC (Ryan Murray is the lead lobbyist on the Uber/Lyft bill that just got introduced)

It's a slush fund, Jimmy