Friday, April 24, 2015

Walker makes surprise visit to Wisconsin

Don't pay too much attention to the fact that several 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls are addressing Social Security issues and Walker just punted on the matter.

What's important to note about Walker's no-statement statement? That he made it in the Town of Grand Chute in Wisconsin, a medium-sized American midwestern state with only ten electoral votes.

Walker, a probable presidential candidate, has focused his time and attention in recent months in the politically more-significant states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, and in larger states like California, Texas and New York, and also in resume and credential-building foreign countries including England, France, Germany and Spain, with Israel on the horizon.

It isn't clear if more visits by Walker are scheduled in the Badger state, though he's currently polling badly in a stalled economy there and would appear intimidated if he continued to absent himself from Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't have to appear in Wisconsin, our media sings his praise as a "common Joe", "astute politician", and anointed by Jesus himself working class hero. The top story at today should make you barf, but it is typical and demonstrates why Walker can spend each day out-of-state yet still pander to his in-state base.

Anonymous said...

jsonline has doubled-down on their pro-Walker propaganda for the day. Now they feature 2 shameless headlines at the top of the page:

On campaign trail, Walker sheds light on influence of faith

JS ON POLITICS: Walker's faith

No one does more to pump up the rightwing echo chamber in Wisconsin. All this Walker Godliness stuff is just plain offensive.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice? jsonline is doin' the Walker/Jesus thing again, telling us it is factual news that Gov. Scott Walker is doing the work of God and His Only Begotten Son.

my5cents said...

It is obvious from the multiple postings I read on this site that the Journal Sentinel is brainwashed where Walker's concerned. Once brainwashed, it is very difficult to get them to see the other side of the person who is brainwashing them. It's almost like Stockholm Syndrome. Walker is nothing but a conniving weasel and deep down has the temperament and tenacity of a wolverine. If given the chance he will tear you apart while smiling and talking to you in that calm even-toned voice. As I said in another post, he's been practicing for this since he was a teenager.

Anonymous said...

5 cents

Please don't make MJS nor the rest of Wisconsin's dysfunctional media out to be victims here. The real victims are the majority of honest, hardworking Badger State citizens.

my5cents said...

Anonymous 12:26 PM.

I am not making the JS out to be a victim but simply stating that they are brainwashed. When people are brainwashed they can't see the noses on their own faces and it is their own fault for not being objective, which I believe all news outlets should be. I watched their editorial board question Walker last year. After asking the same question three times and getting the same answer verbatim, rather than pushing the issue they gave up. It really stunk that they didn't make him give a more detailed answer to that question. I wanted to hear a complete answer and not just talking points. But, that's the way Walker sucks people in.

Anonymous said...

Surprise visit. Great headline.