Saturday, April 25, 2015

Doe probes said taxpayers, voters were harmed, so Walker plays the victim

Interesting that our-take-no-responsibility Governor - - it's either 'someone else did it,' or 'look over there, shiny object! - - feels the need to look to Iowans for sympathy.

If Walker were the victim in the Doe probes, his former Milwaukee County Deputy Chief of Staff Kelly Rindfleisch would not be still serving a felony jail sentence for misusing public time and resources for partisan purposes, five more Walker ex-County staffers, campaign donors and other associates would not have also been found guilty of Doe I-prosecuted crimes, and major Walker funders would not be battling in court to stop a related probe aimed at Walker  personally, and his campaign, for an even bigger alleged evasion of campaign finance law in Doe II.

Polls and focus groups must be telling Walker that he needs more distance from both the Doe probes and economic issues that can also hurt him, so he's spinning the Doe probes as a distraction from news and facts like this:
Wisconsin lags Midwest: Job growth state rankings
Over the past decade, Wisconsin has mostly ranked in the middle of all states for employment growth. Among Midwestern states, Wisconsin was once among the leaders, but in recent years that trend has changed. How states rank in year-over-year percent change of private-sector employees for the third quarter ending in September each year.


Anonymous said...

It's looking like our governor, who tries to show what a Boy Scout he is, is contemptuous of the law and the rule of law. Either that or he doesn't know how it works. My guess is both.

Just give him enough time and he'll hang himself (metaphorically, of course). If he stays in the race, he'll soon find that the rest of the country is nothing like Milwaukee, where he can sit on Sykes's lap and be told what a wonderful politician and person he is.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why should anyone care about Wisconsin's economy and job growth? Scott Walker is going to be our next president anyhow. The media will make sure of that.

Betsey said...

So many directions in which to look! So many shiny, twinkling objects to look at!