Friday, April 17, 2015

Breaking news: Walker appointee apologizes for climate change stupidity

Wisconsin US GOP Senator and Flat-Earth expert Ron Johnson has never apologized for blaming climate change on sunspots.

The two elected GOP Dodo birds making up a majority on the Wisconsin Commission on Public Lands won't retract their agency-wide ban on uttering "climate change," and Scott Walker's corporatized DNR, busy trying to block new US EPA clean air rules, won't add back all the climate change data and information they deleted from that agency's official climate change web page. 

See this summary post.

But give credit to Mike Huebsch, Walker's latest appointee to the Wisconsin Public Commission, for his apology for saying that a volcanic explosion would release more greenhouse gases than all the cars on the road, Politifact notes today.
When we asked about his comments, Huebsch issued an email saying his answer to the climate change question was wrong, and apologized. 
We rate his claim False.
This may be the first-ever apology by a Walker official, though Huebsch, formerly Walker's Department of Administration, should have repeatedly apologized - - along with Walker - - for all the time, money and reputations they cost state taxpayers and citizens when they misused state power to close the State Capitol and direct police under their jurisdiction to illegally arrest and ticket protesters in the wake of Act 10. 

We'll see if this is a trend.


Anonymous said...

PolitiFact is again running political cover for walker. The dude admitted to them that his statement was so wildly out-of-line that he had to completely withdraw it!

This should have been a PANTS ON FIRE rating instead of merely false.

Bill Kurtz said...

On a related item, the Chicago Tribune published an editorial Tuesday April 14 on our doofus state treasurer and the global warming gag. But then the Tribune is historically both conservative and pro-environment.

Anonymous said...

Ah...Georgia Thompson deserves an apology from this administration and the party it serves.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Scott Walker and his cronies should do another motorcycle tour of our state—the APOLOGY TOUR!

Raven said...

I suppose this rates as a... Hugesch... turnaround.