Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Firm with Walker tax credits again moves jobs to Mexico

Let me remind you, as I have before, that when Scott Walker set up and began chairing the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, he said its "sole mission is to promote economic growth and create jobs for Wisconsinites."

If we had a real Attorney General in Wisconsin instead of a Republican corporate tool, we'd be deep into an investigation of how the WEDC - - already having missed Walker's job-creation goal by 100,000 positions, and its long record of untraceable and abused taxpayer-provided financing clearly established - - could have given tax credits to a company that for the second time is moving Wisconsin jobs to Mexico, business media report: 

This is the second time the Dublin, Ireland-based [Eaton] company has shipped jobs south of the border since 2012, during which time the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. has given it significant support via state tax credits.
The company said it is permanently discontinuing certain manufacturing operations in Watertown, axing 93 jobs. 
Also for the record: Kremlin-style, Walker has whitewashed the 250,000 jobs pledge. The number he now touts as a success is 150,000 - - as Wisconsin has fallen to 40th among the states in jobs added.

How long before these facts well-known in Wisconsin but still emerging nationally jell into a narrative that what Walker is selling in Iowa and elsewhere is phony?

I see signs that at least the awareness is quickening:
It appears as if Massachusetts' activists were more prepared Monday for Walker's talking-point whitewashing of the economy he's crashed in Wisconsin than Iowans were last weekend.
Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman and state Sen. Tom McGee, Massachusetts AFL-CIO president Steve Tolman and a handful of state lawmakers spoke against the "shadowy Republican Super PAC masquerading as a taxpayer subsidized non-profit" and against Walker's "record of attacking working families."
"Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s time in Wisconsin is marred by an anti-working family agenda that's resulting in the worst job creation in the region while Wisconsin’s middle class has been shrinking at one of the fastest rates in the country," said Massachusetts Democratic Party executive director Matt Fenlon. "Massachusetts voters won't be fooled by the talking points of a Republican presidential wannabe who came here to address a fundraiser for a shadowy Republican group."


Anonymous said...

You are being unfair. Since Walker doesn't want legal immigration, it is only fair that he subsidies jobs to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

How do you expect Scott Walker to do God's work and become the next President of the U.S. if he cannot continue using the taxpayers to fund his political ambitions. It isn't like God is going to print money for him and he obviously isn't going to be a pauper like God's other son, Jesus.

Anonymous said...

So they got $370,000 from WEDC. I'm sure they don't see it as a development loan. They see it for what it was a reimbursement for the $370,000 campaign donation.

Anonymous said...

The Bible clearly says that we should give money. Scott Walker, according to numerous reports over the past weekend, is doing the work of God. He is driven by faith. He talks to God daily. He confirms everything he does directly from The Lord.

There are 34 verses in the Bible that tell us to FREELY GIVE to the Lord's Work:


WEDC was created in consultation with God. Scott Walker is doing the Lord's work when he gives money to his big donors. It doesn't matter if Scott Walker is tithing his own money or the taxpayers dollars. Walker works for us in consultation with God. Sure there is some evil person somewhere you could blog about instead of constantly questioning the integrity of Our Lord's Loyal Servant, Scott Walker.

And the good news is, once he becomes President, he can tithe even more to those that have underwritten the Lord's Will by promoting Scott Walker.

Anonymous said...

Look, most Wisconsin workers don't want to do a job a Mexican can do anyhow! This is why Scott Walker is right on his latest immigration stands, wrong on the previous one, right on the one before that, wrong on the one before that, right on the one before that, wrong on the one before that, right on the one before that, wrong on the one before that...