Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WI taxpayers again have to do the state's job

Wisconsinites with polluted drinking water near a huge dairy have to force the state to do what the state should have already been doing - - keeping the tap water and Green Bay safe. But not in Walker's Wisconsin.


Sue said...

Someone needs to ask Candidate Walker what his presidential plans for the EPA are.
It's a reasonable question, given his environmental record. Americans need to know what a 'chamber of commerce' EPA would look like.

Anonymous said...

This man will destroy our environment and turn his back on those that need clean drinking water so that his CAFCO donors can increase their profits. How can people support a leader who has turned his back on so many?

Lenny Barnhaught said...

Anon: 8:46

If somewhere in Wisconsin's barren and void media landscape someone was a "watchdog" reporter, they would sit down with Scott Walker, ask him about the safety of drinking water with CAFCO run-off, and then pull out a nice stinky, muddy, and tained glass of it and ask him to enjoy it on camera!

If only we could find someone that was a reporter somewhere in Wisconsin.