Monday, April 13, 2015

Kelly Rindfleisch/John Doe question of the day

[Update 11:45 a.m.] Why is Kelly Rindfleisch in jail serving felony time for doing political work on public time in Scott Walker's 2010 Milwaukee County office suite while Walker is busy politicking during his taxpayer-paid 'trade mission' to Europe? She was emailing, he's Tweeting and driving people to his political committee site. Isn't this a double-standard?

Remember that Walker announced he was taking no political staff on the trip. Turns out that was, at best, misleading.

Within the last half-hour:
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lufthase said...

Great catch, James!
I didn't notice until now that he has 2 twitter accounts:

Check out these tweets from yesterday April 12:

At 11:03am, he's tweeting as the Governor on official State of WI business.
At 12:16pm, he's taking a shot at Hillary as Walker, private citizen (not a candidate yet, ya know)

He knows enough not to tweet NRA/RevivalPAC stuff from his official "Governor" account because that's a state resource. The question then becomes is he using state hardware or on state time when he's making these campaign tweets?

If he's in Germany on a "State of WI Trade Mission," is it even possible for him ever to be off-the-clock for these campaign tweets that obviously can't be made using state time or resources? Using the second non-governor account at all almost seems incriminating here, eh?

Anonymous said...

Had Kelly not pleaded guilty, we would have seen Walker on the stand as a witness for the prosecution. Most likely, this would have created an opportunity to charge him too. There is not way he could keep his lies straight and avoid perjury charges.

Kelly took the fall for her hero Scotty. She's a sick little monkey and should have been given more of a penalty. Walker will walk from all of this because:

1. The media made sure that the public never understood that he flagrantly & repeatedly violated the law

2. His dark money sources will litigate this until the cows come home.

Can't feel sorry for Kelly. She truly brought this upon herself. It is outrageous that Walker can campaign on the public's dime with impunity and the largest media outlets in the state will not even mention this.

lufthase said...

Also interesting, at some point in the last few weeks he's scrubbed all references to "Wisconsin" (and it's alleged "Comeback") from his campaign homepage.

March 22:


Anonymous said...

A gentle reminder to use the internet archive whenever you see something which might be deleted!