Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rebecca Kleefisch PAC donations show priority imbalance

Fact of the day:

In 2014, Rebecca Kleefisch's PAC made only donations. It gave her husband State Rep. Joel Kleefisch's re-election campaign committee $239.75 and also gave her boss Gov. Scott Walker's re-election campaign $1.1 million, records show.


Anonymous said...

If the media is for this, so am I. Who am I to question what's news? Evidently, Scott Walker is such an all-powerful god that the third-estate has nothing but say but rubber-stamp his press releases and talking points. Who needs government-owned propaganda when corporate media is a Walker stenographer?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Somebody needs to take a hint from the guys in Office Space and look up "money-laundering" in the dictionary. Because if any of these donations were made after the 2012 recall election, that's the only reason one would be made

Anonymous said...


Can't be or I am sure the media would have told this story and held those involved responsible. That's why they are called the "fourth estate".

Joe R said...

An irony here is that Walker didn't want any part of Becky as his running mate. He had his flunkies in the County Exec's office working nose-to-the-grindstone for Brett Davis. But Kleefisch let bygones be bygones and served as a conduit for the guy who tried to jilt her. Strange bedfellows indeed.