Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In Bizarro America, Wal-Mart is the face of gender equality

How far to the right has the GOP lurched in thrall to its fundamentalist, Tea Party activists who, if they could, would secede from the rest of the country and 21st century American culture?

So far to the right that Wal-Mart has stepped up to lead a turn-around in state politics there on behalf of gender-equality.

Arkansas doesn't want to be dragged down into Indiana's mud.

Scott Walker still needs to be pinned down on whether he would sign an Indiana-style, discriminatory measure that would conflict with the spirit of Wisconsin's first-in-the-nation law granting legal protections in the workplace to gays and lesbians.

Walker was allowed to walk away on the 'right-to-work' issue, only to embrace a measure he said he'd oppose, and has turned into a border Minuteman on immigration, so media need to demand concrete answers on major matters, now.

Relevant Tweet of the week:
Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration act is gay discrimination, pure and simple. You can frost a dog turd, but it's still a dog turd.

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Anonymous said...

But Walker is in the process of turning Wisconsin into an environmental, economic and educational toilet which invites turd policies such as we are seeing in Indiana and Arkansas!