Thursday, April 16, 2015

Walker heading back to more familiar territory

And by that I mean a GOP presidential hopefuls' party leadership summit in New Hampshire this weekend, then he's off to a big-dollar fundraiser in Washington, DC.

South Carolina beckons. So does Benjamin Netanyahu. And Iowa: he better not forget his first love, lest Marco or Ted swoop in and win Michele Bachmann's all-important followers.

Because, look: there's only so many long days sunrise-to-sunset-you can put in on a non-political (wink-wink) shoulder-to-the-wheel-taxpayer-paid European 'trade mission' on spring break...
Met with officials from our sister state of Hessen.
pitching beer to Germans, cheese to the French, closed doors to the Spanish and "lethal" arms to the Ukraine before you have to get get back on that airplane and head for the friendly confines of...Granite State (work on that cross-state Harley ride!) and the Nation's Capital - - preferably close enough to The White House to smell it.

Notice I did not say he was hustling back to Wisconsin to save his budget or The Milwaukee Bucks or to lend his considerable moral weight towards solving urban gun violence in the state's biggest city.

I didn't say it because he didn't say it; correct me if I'm wrong.

On the contrary: he's looking forward to signing another Gun Freedom bill eliminating the 48-hour cooling off period for Wisconsin handgun purchasers, because if there's anything we learned during the awful week when Walker was boning up foreign policy 4,000 miles away, or was letting his mind roam free over the important issues of the day…
...was that people with access to handguns don't impulsively run to get and use them for murderous mayhem when faced with an emotional crisis.


Anonymous said...

This trip Walker dragged 22 people along with him. Wisconsinites are sick and tired of this idiot. He blows taxpayer money on trips to make him look "presidential" while our schools, university, elderly and disabled get services cut massively.

Anonymous said...

The trade mission must not have been all that important as he cut it short to get to New Hampshire. This guy is hosing Wisconsin voters but it's nice to see that the voters are beginning to see the real Walker and the job he does as the Marquette poll numbers show him tanking!

nonquixote said...

Thanks for the report James.

And a report about any deals or economic advantages or expected improvement to Wisconsin's economic outlook resulting from Walker's "trade junket," should be coming shortly from his staff.

As a long time non-compensated volunteer with on a statutory government commission, if we spent the kind of money Walker did on his trip we would be required to have something tangible to show for it. Improved facilities, improved services or additional services offered to recoup the money spent and then continue to derive on-going new income for the public coffers.

Anonymous said...

"More familiar territory" means breaking the law illegally laundering and coordinating out-of-state multinational corporate cash. Wisconsin, Scott Walker just isn't that into you.

He's working his butt-off to get out of Wisconsin because everyone knows where his divisive austerity-for-the-masses and massive give-aways to out-of-state billionaires is going to take us: TO THE POOR FARM!

Like every other office this career politician has held, he needs to move on before people realize what he did and how much it cost them.

Anonymous said...

This article by Walker makes me gag:

He is obnoxious.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Can someone start following up these grandiose poses with the failed results and 70% disapproval of this guy's policies back home?

And seriously, I knew Republicans were weak-minded and in a bubble, but the fact that these people don't even try to do a not of homework or follow-up is pathetic even by their lie standards. But if they want a Hillary landslide and Dem control of Congress (which would be the result of Walker as GOP nominee), knock yourself out

Geraldine Brylski said...

22 people !!! Can we not find a way to put a stop to this walker is making a mockery of Wonderful Wisconsin he is killing everything good about our state under the guise of TRADE and if he by some miracle gets the republican nomination for president we are all DOOMED-VOTE BLUE