Monday, April 20, 2015

Walker's arrogant traveling at taxpayer expense drawing attention

I'd predicted that billing taxpayers for blatantly political overseas travel, as well extended jetting off to primary and caucus states while his budget gets negative review back home would turn opinion against him.

The Racine Journal Times blasted the taxpayer-billed foreign travel: 
Did you enjoy Gov. Scott Walker’s trip to Great Britain in February?
You should have. You paid for it.
Even The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which twice endorsed Walker for Governor and three times for County Executive, tip-toed into the discussion: 
Get elected governor and see the world. No, that was not one of Gov. Scott Walker's campaign themes last year, but it appears to be a priority now that he is running for president...
But Walker is close to obscuring the line between his day job and his dream job. Where is that line? Walker hasn't spent much time trying to answer that question in the past and shows few signs of trying to answer it now.
Also glad to see Walker and his stalling poll numbers getting national publicity in Props to Joan Walsh for this piece.


jg said...

Walker made clear that the Great Britain trip was political when he used his meeting with David Cameron for political purposes on "Fox News Sunday", on March 1. What does discussing building a global coalition with the Prime Minister have to do with exporting cheese or snow blowers? He should be charged with fraudulent use of taxpayer money.

"But then also bring together a coalition... We were just with David Cameron, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, a few weeks ago. I think increasingly, the Saudis and the Turks. There is a way we could put together a global coalition to take this on."

my5cents said...

Anyone who didn't see this coming was walking around with blinders on. We could have had a governor who would have stayed home and worked her behind off for the people of Wisconsin. I hope all those who voted for Walker are very happy with how the state is being run because that's what you wanted. It's what you voted for. When will you learn that Walker is a pathological liar. You cannot trust anything he says.

Anonymous said...

Cameron may not be Prime Minister in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, James. Glad to see you are getting national attention for your efforts.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't we send Scott Walker far-far away with a one-way ticket to some god-forsaken part of the globe? Maybe Siberia?