Thursday, April 9, 2015

Traveling Walker wastes $138K, bigger trip on tap

Comparisons fail. Any definition of "conservative" and "fiscal responsibility" simply loose their meaning when grasping that our part-time, self-interested, distracted, disinterested and partisan politicking Governor spent at least $138,000 of taxpayer money on that vanity trip to London allegedly looking - - wink, wink - - for trade partners - - but played tourist at Margaret Thatcher's grave site,
Paid our respects at burial site of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Notice how simple the site is.
preened at a Harley-Davidson dealership and made headlines about his unfamiliarity with evolution.

And he'll spend more on another fake trade mission to Western Europe in a few days.

What a fraud.

Pity that the recall election did not lead to his ouster from the Governor's Mansion. He's not qualified to occupy it let alone The White House, from which he'd plot Eagle Scout forays against ISIS - - and only brings shame and damage to the state every day he's there.


Anonymous said...

How on earth can he be seriously considered for president. He has done absolutely nothing to move Wisconsin and it's people forward! He is in the process of destroying us.................economically, environmentally and educationally.

Anonymous said...

Pity the recall failed? It was guaranteed to fail. The state's media not only overwhelmingly endorsed him, but then they pushed the false meme that people in Wisconsin did not believe in the recall process.

This despite the fact that nearly as many people, well-over 1 million, signed the recall petition as voted for EITHER candidate.

The exit polls taken that day, historically accurate scientific samples that are used to determine the legitimacy of elections around the world (and even used for this purpose by the U.S. Government), were corrupted to match the numbers coming out from unverifiable machines with proprietary (re: secret) software! The is no legitimate purpose in (1). conducting exit polls (2). corrupting that data, forcing it to match tabulations who's automated process is closed to the public.

You larger point is well stated. Scott Walker continues to abuse his current political office to seek more power and higher offices. Now that he's taking his act national, he has little or no interest in Wisconsin other than to drop as many "bombs" as he can on the citizens he has a sworn duty to serve so that he can represent himself as a powerful teabaggin' leader.

When more than 1 million people signed recall petitions and only about 2 million voted in the election, the results cannot be blamed on the public not believing in the recall process; but this is what exit poll data was corrupted to justify the media's proclamations that the public just didn't accept the constitutional right to hold elected officials accountable.

This right was specifically given to us in case we ever got government-by-surprise and a Governor that admits he "dropped the bomb" on unsuspecting constituents.

my5cents said...

He's not on a trade mission. His only mission is so he can say he has traveled to other countries. He doesn't want to run for President and look like Sarah Palin. Considering what he has done to unions in our state, I can't see him getting a really warm cordial welcome in Europe where unions and workers are very important to business. Businesses there actually promote unionization and teamwork to be successful and profitable. All Walker is doing is wasting tax dollars.

Raven said...

@ my5cents : "He doesn't want to run for President and look like Sarah Palin."

Ironically, he is assuring the latter, with every ignorant huff-and-guff he puffs to audiences who know better.

What a Wanker!