Monday, April 27, 2015

Failing roads-ranking another Walker 'achievement'

Note to visiting political media coming to Wisconsin: take the rental car insurance when you head out on our highways:

To 40th in jobs added and 42nd in wage growth nationally, you can add roads and streets rated third-worst in the country, a study finds. Not long ago, Wisconsin was 22nd, so the state of the state's basic transportation infrastructure has really deteriorated. Literally.

The reason: cuts in state funding in Walker's budgets to fix potholes and make other repairs.

Walker often flies the few miles from an airport in Waukesha near his Wauwatosa home to Madison on the odd day he's in Wisconsin, and is always driven by a State Trooper if the plane is unavailable, so has little personal experience dodging potholes,


Anonymous said...

You don't understand. The plan is to get rid of paved roads all together. Dirt roads are all that Wisconsin needs, though we could privatize a few thorough-fares for people that want to pay a premium for paved roads. Look, it is time we stopped taxing job creators and lived within our means, like Jesus did. He came into Jerusalem on a donkey on a DIRT ROAD.

If it is good enough for my Savior and Scott "Christ" Walker, it is good enough for the rest of us. Those that do not talk directly to God like Scott Walker should just be quiet and let him do The Lord's Will as its reported in the news.

Anonymous said...

With the help of the national media, the pro-Walker propaganda from Wisconsin's newspapers, TV, and radio will convince Americans that austerity is needed to give more away to out-of-state billionaires. God tells Scott Walker we need more poverty, misery, and the death that results from being economically disadvantaged. Evidently, God has sent another Son to create a NEW NEW TESTIMENT where we kill the poor so the rich can inherit the world.

Anonymous said...

... all the while planning new, unneeded and unwanted new highways. Case in point, the West Waukesha Bypass that has been fought by local environmental groups for 30 years. This boondoggle is outdated, unneeded, unwanted, very expensive and will most certainly trash the pristine Pebble Creek Primary Environmental Corridor. This vital open space and water recharge area is being sacrificed by H2O challenged Waukesha in a double whammy of hypocrisy. Fix our roads, protect our fresh water recharge areas, and stop sprawl! Terry Amerson