Friday, April 17, 2015

Walker and the rebellion of the resentment voter

[Updated] By now, Bucky, you've heard that our Scott Walker's positive poll numbers have fallen to 41%.

Walker basically shrugged it off to routine voter unhappiness with a budget proposed by some state official.

I think he's right. I don't think there's been any blowback that would show up in voter surveys after months of saturation media coverage of Walker's ambition-driven out-of-state trips, taxpayer-paid overseas 'trade missions' - - 
Met with officials from our sister state of Hessen.

- - at spring break, plus meetings with billionaire presidential campaign donors since his re-election to a second term as Wisconsin's governor which he said he planned to serve to its conclusion.

Besides, Walker is the master manipulator of resentment voters, and there's no way, as an experienced career dog-whistling politician, that he would let that worm turn. After all, he's got an American Revival to complete, and restive Wisconsinites could really mess that up.


jack said...

I'm guessing one of his lapel pins is the US flag (cuz no patriotic American politician would dare leave home without it), but what of the other, "don't tread on me"?

Anonymous said...

Poll numbers schmoll numbers. Now that Gov. Scott Walker is hijacking the taxpayers of Wisconsin to fund his presidential ambitions, it does not matter a bit what the rubes in the Badger State think of him.

He's not working for you anyhow. He's not that into you. The state's media has conned the public. Taking down the Wisconsin economy to run on the "big" and "bold" idea of austerity for you, billions for me & my funders is his ticket out of your stinking little hole.

You can't throw the Republicans out of office because they've gerrymandered the state so badly that you would need historic turnouts and margins of victory to defeat them in the legislature. In fact, more people in Wisconsin voted Democratic in the midterms and it resulted in increasing Republican control!

The media wants you to believe that the Chief Justice of the State's Supreme Court is the problem when not only does the partisen majority take MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from out-of-state corporate interests who are directly impacted by cases they here, but one sick Psycho-Justice, David Prosser, thinks he can physically assault other justices to get his way!

Thinks are going to get very bad in Wisconsin before they get better. Don't kid yourself. The propaganda that launched Walker into the Governor's mansion can catapult him into the White House.

Mark these words: The U.S. Supreme Court is ready to anoint another president in 2016 just like they did George WALKER Bush in 2000.

my5cents said...

Trips out of state? Is he ever in the state doing the state's business?

Anonymous said...

Walker is one sick puppy.

Raven said...

All he really needs is for people like US to distribute the right campaign graphix....