Sunday, April 19, 2015

Poor headline kills paper's credibility

This Journal Sentinel online headline:
Asked about same-sex weddings, Gov. Walker talks of a relative's marriage
Could have read:
Walker declined to attend relative's same-sex wedding 
We expect politicians to parse and spin, but newspapers should not do them the favor. 


Anonymous said...


Walker is their guy -- no facts reported about Scott Walker there. It's not allowed. No one did more to create our divide-and-conquer governor than Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

my5cents said...

Exactly, and instead of simply answering the question honestly, he said they attended the reception, and from there he went straight to the Wisconsin Constitution quoting that marriage was between a man and a woman. Someone else commented today on a TV show that people really need to look below the surface where Walker is concerned because what he is telling people is not the whole story about anything. I would suggest that they research his days as Milwaukee County Executive if they want to know what he is really like.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's been dead awhile, Jim.

As 5cents brings up- Walker's at the point now where he doesn't know where the story ends and the lies begin. And if being -15 in approval is an indication, both Walker and his J-S cheerleaders need to know the jig is up for most people back home.

Jim Bouman said...

Down deep…in the place where it really matters…he's shallow.
Just like the Journal Sentinel.

my5cents said...

While watching a video from a talk news show yesterday and after listening to how Walker actually answered that question, the so-called analyst ended up saying that "Walker attended a same-sex wedding." No, that is not what he said. People don't really listen anymore. Attending the reception is NOT attending the wedding. And, he only muttered something about the reception at that and very quickly moved on to say he believes marriage is between a woman and a man and then quoted the state constitution.