Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Walker says WI can't afford to get dead deer off the roads

Because if there's one thing tourists like to see on Wisconsin highways, it's deer carcasses that the DNR used to pick up. Could Earth Day, Wisconsin get any worse under these people?

I'm surprised that WI DNR Secretary Stepp is OK with this budgetary change that removes even more authority from her agency, since clearly there's plenty of expertise at its highest level with handling deer carcasses.
Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp proudly shows off her first deer, taken opening weekend last year. In the upcoming TV Special "Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2012, Stepp urges male hunters to take more girls and women hunting. "The secret's out," she says. "Hunting is a lot of fun, so don't keep it to yourselves."  photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR
DNR photo of Secretary Stepp with her first deer kill


my5cents said...

Once it was pointed out to Rep Nygren about how rotting dear corpses on the side of roads could put a damper on tourism, he's now inclined to have the state continue to pay for dead deer removal.

Anonymous said...

Road kill is KEWL and deer are the best. If we don't get them off the roads we can all run over them again and again until no one even recognizes it as a deer!

Scott Walker is brilliant. I am so looking forward to the return of dirt roads everywhere across the Badger State too. A dirt-version of I-94 would just be too kewl!

Anonymous said...

I stand with Scott Walker besides the pile of dead rotting deer carcasses (and I have to hold my nose).

Anonymous said...

How about Walker having someone in his office pick up the dead deer. His next approach will be to have those receiving unemployment compensation or food stamps pick up the dead deer as a requirement for eligibility! Gosh don't let this leak out or one of his lap dog legislators will put it in the form of a bill.

Anonymous said...

My favorite car-game with the kids is counting all the dead deer we see. Now, thanks to Gov. Scott Walker, we can explore and count higher and higher numbers of maggot-encrusted, fly-infested deer goodness!

My personal favorite is when the deer's entrails have been squashed out its rear quarters. The kids love that one too.

Anonymous said...

Here's some more good news:

Fifty-seven DNR staff receive layoff notices


Oh how I love the smell of rotting deer by the roadside in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:11

Don't worry, folks will have to pee in a cup and pass a urine test before they can pick up the rotting deer.

And nice to see your a truther. You timed your post perfectly! 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!

Anonymous said...

The Joint Finance Committee unanimously rejected the idea and provided about $700,000 a year for the program.