Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ever the zealot, Walker still backs same-sex marriage bans

The Madison Capital Times reports that Walker told his rabid Republican right-wing base in Iowa he wants the states to be free to ban same sex marriages - - and even supports an amendment to the US constitution on the matter to basically nullify a string of federal court rulings to the contrary.

No wonder that in Wisconsin, two of the same plaintiffs who successfully overturned the state's discriminatory ban on same-sex marriages which Walker had supported has had to return to court to have both their names on their child's birth certificate.

Walker and allies here just can't concede defeat and are willing to put everyday citizens through the wringer purely for ideological spite.

And in his newly-adopted state of Iowa, where Walker speaks far more openly about his extremist views than he did when running for re-election in Wisconsin, he expanded yesterday also that God is telling him to run for President, The Cap Times reported:  
Reading a passage from the devotional book "Jesus Calling," Walker told the crowd about his decision to run for governor in 2010 — something he and his wife, Tonette, decided through discussion and prayer. 
Walker has previously said he doesn't believe he should run for president because it's the "next logical step" in his career. Rather, he has said, it should be because he feels called to it.
"The best way to minister is to accept God's calling when you least expect it," Walker said. "We felt it was a calling to get in that election. We felt we were called to do the right thing, so we worried more about the next generation than we did the next election."
I'd say, beware of politicians - - especially those claiming Divine Guidance - - who want the government to legalize discrimination against some classes and groups.


my5cents said...

Anyone can do anything and call it divine guidance. Who is there to refute that calling? No one. The mind can play serious tricks on people. With an ego as big as Walker's of course his mind is going to conclude that he is getting divine guidance if he decides he is. Give me a break. God would not approve of many of the things Walker is doing, not if you believe in the teachings of the bible. All of the people he has hurt -- give me a break. Divine guidance my you know what.

Anonymous said...

5 cents

But all weekend jsonline has been running stories about how Scott Walker is the Son of Man and God himself all rolled up into one uber fuhrer.

Sue said...

The best way to approach this in discussion is to remind folks that what Scott Walker is hearing is a voice inside his head identifying itself as God.
Do not accept that this is the same thing as making decisions based on prayer and reflection. He has said it himself, God instructs him, He tells him what to do. Who to marry. What jobs to take. He listens to a voice in his head identifying itself as God.
The only way to counteract the reverential way this is being covered in the press is to tell our friends and neighbors:
Scott Walker listens to - and implicitly trusts - a voice inside his head identifying itself as God.

Anonymous said...

Sue, but MJS and the rest of the media echo chamber report it as fact that he is getting direction from God!

The point being that what you say is reasonable but doesn't hold the real lying liars accountable - the media.

Anonymous said...

Does God tell him to lie or does he do that on his own volition?

Anonymous said...

God told him to divide-and-conquer. If you read the Bible, you'll see there is nothing Jesus hates more than the poor.

my5cents said...

The only reason he is saying he gets his guidance from God is to pander to the Evangelicals. That's his way of getting them on his side solely through his "divine guidance." That's how they all believe. It's a simple ploy to gain and keep their trust (manipulation). Since when does it matter what side the MJS is on. They are not writing objective stories. Obviously either the people doing the writing or the people who supervise them are also evangelicals and side with Walker thereby influencing the way the story is written. Do not trust any one single news source exclusively. Read many sources. Think for yourself. I find it very interesting how newspapers were punishing their employees for signing recall petitions because, as the newspapers said, they have to remain objective. Apparently that was a lie.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Oh, so now Scotty's all about states banning gay marriage, and taking further action? Because he sure wasn't saying that in Wisconsin past year, when he claimed the issue was "settled" and therefore off the table.

MadCityVoter said...

And here I thought it was patriotism that is the last refuge of scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he say he wouldn't attend the ceremony but would show up for the free booze at the reception?

Raven said...

... Holy State (we have lived to learn)
     Endeth in Holy War. ...
... Holy People, however it runs,
     Endeth in wholly Slave. ...
Holy State or Holy King —
     Or Holy People's Will —
Have no truck with the senseless thing.
     Order the guns and kill!

          — Rudyard Kipling, "Macdonough's Song" (excerpts)