Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Umteenth study links warming, climate change and weather extremes

More data, more expert opinion, more fodder, I'm sure, for Walker and the denier crowd, but the information in this New York Times piece - - with a focus on crop damage in Wisconsin is solid and disturbing, especially if continually ignored.

Continually ignored. For the record, I have several times blogged about a conference I attended in Chicago in 2003 with then-Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist, where the Bush administration's EPA warned local officials that a warming climate was going to produce severe, costly extreme weather events.


Mary Kay Baum said...

So glad you covered this Umteenth study. Its quote, "Corn in Belleville, Wisc. has been infected with a fungus, due to heat and drought." brings it home. Many Wisconsinites use wood or pellet stoves for heat. Using only the newer more efficient EPA-certified stoves now rather than waiting for new EPA rules to take full effect will help all of us - and the corn in Belleville!

Anonymous said...


Try burning dung pellets or manure. If you have animals or a large household, you probably can make plenty of the former and the later is readily available free around Belleville if you will haul it away. You can burn dung and manure without those fancy smancy EPA-certified stoves, and best of all, some love the aroma of burning fecal-fuel in the morning.

my5cents said...

The earliest I recall people talking about doing something about air quality was in the 1970's. They were adamant that they had to do something before it affected our climate. They did very little and mostly in regard to car emissions and then factory emissions. I suppose if they hadn't, then our country would look like China does today. But, they never took the steps that would have made a real difference in our climate today. They did not learn one single thing from anything they did, and they won't do anything about it now either. It's the almighty dollar that drives their ambitions, not what will happen in the future if they don't do everything they can now to keep and maintain a clean environment. That includes land, sea, and air. Unless it hits them in the wallet, it is a non-issue because they are not a forward thinking bunch of people.

Anonymous said...

5 Cents

I am sure that, when there is sufficient demand, the private sector will step in and sell bottled air just like they currently sell us bottled water. Air quality does not matter as long as free markets are allowed to work.