Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Walker to Bush, GOP: More divide-and-conquer coming

More of a rope-a-dope, The New York Times discloses:
It is a gamble at once audacious and born of necessity: Gov. Scott Walkerof Wisconsin, a likely Republican candidate for president, has put campaign plans in motion that cede early momentum to his chief rival, Jeb Bush, in favor of beating Mr. Bush and other opponents with a long-game strategy designed to achieve financial and political success next winter.
So Walker is lowering expectations about the winning the early battle for money, figuring no one can beat him in a marathon.

While he hits the books and studies harder than ever, if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

If this is what The Lord has told Scott Walker to do, then God Bless Him. My local newspaper says that he is a religious, faithful, and Godly man; so I am sure he will win it all. After all, the papers that promote him as the most religious guy on in the race know him best, they are from WISCONSIN and have repeatedly endorsed him. They know that he is doing the Work of God and they regularly publish stories that state this.

How come you never blog about that? Why are some against this reincarnation of Jesus?

Anonymous said...

If the media continues to pump him up with propaganda, this is going to be a successful strategy. He can continue to dodge any real questions from the media because they are going to continue to directly print his talking points as news. He has always been a "govern-by-surprise" kind of guy and the media has never called him out on this in the past. They are not going to call him out on it now.

Make no mistake about it, propaganda works. Scott Walker's career, entirely on the public teat, is nothing but an example of this. This strategy will allow Scott Walker to hide behind his right-wing fake Christianity and the media will continue to tell us stories about how close he is to god.

The in-state media that created this monster will initiate these dishonest talking points and the national media will dutifully catapult across the nation. Scott Walker will be on the 2016 ticket and this should concern people. The last time there was a lame-duck Democratic administration, the election was stolen for George WALKER Bush and then the Supreme Court of the United States outrageously issued a ruling that, unbelievably, actually states that you cannot tell who wins an election by actually counting the votes!

Be very afraid. This isn't about a "long-term" strategy. This is about casting propaganda to make it appear that Walker is above the fray and therefor is very presidential.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, why do those with Walker Derangement Syndrome continue to attack a man that is widely reported by Wisconsin's media to be in direct communication with God? Since there are credible reports from the state's largest newsroom that Walker is doing God's Will, why all the attacks here.

Do you or your commentators talk to God daily?

Anonymous said...

I am in favor of the Marquette Univ Law School poll asking respondents if they believe Walker speaks with god, if he is receiving divine guidance and whether the other GOP candidates are deluding themselves if they think they speak with god.