Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hero-worshipping Walker continues his Reagan masquerade

Like a Gen Con attendee pretending to be Batman's Robin, Walker continues to claim ownership of Ronald Reagan's identity, thus affirming to critics, including other Republicans, that his own deeply insubstantial persona needs a pathetically grandiose makeover.

As one writer/historian recently told The New York Times:
...Lou Cannon, the Reagan biographer, said some of Mr. Walker’s descriptions were “caricatures of Reagan.” Reality was more complicated, he said: As governor of California, Reagan signed tax increases and an abortion-rights bill. As president, he found common ground with the Soviet Union and did not relish firing the air traffic controllers, Mr. Cannon said. 
“He never made his bones on trying to break the back of labor the way Walker has,” Mr. Cannon said. “Walker is borrowing from Reagan’s mystique more than any other Republican eyeing the presidency, but Ronald Reagan he ain’t.”

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