Monday, April 13, 2015

Walker continuing his taxpayer-paid political European trip

Spending more of his ethics-free 'trade mission' time on Twitter politicking:


Anonymous said...

What is a governor of a small Midwestern state doing saying stuff like this, and in Germany no less?

"It's time to provide lethal military help to Ukraine so they can defend themselves against Russian aggression."

This reminds me of what Walker kept repeating a few months ago: "You'd have to be crazy to want to run for President."

CJ said...

Watch your thumb governor!

my5cents said...

I would guess that since SKW is on another continent that he feels secure knowing that no reporters will be questioning him on his tweets. Bad for him that reporters have very long memories and he will still be asked about those tweets if ever given a chance.

What's with all the "secure the border" statements. Our borders are as secure as they can be. Not so sure about the border with Canada, but the border with Mexico definitely is as secure as it can be. It's way past time to do something about immigration and the unauthorized immigrants who are here now.

Furthermore, what's with the second amendment rights tweets. All law abiding citizens DO have the right to buy a gun. Some of them choose not to.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't SKW tweet something like, "NAY NAY NAY NAY KELLY! Your in Jail and I am going to to the White House in 2016!"

Anonymous said...

Do you think Scott Walker is sending postcards to Kelly Rindfleisch at your jail cell?

Its the least he could do for her.

Raven said...

Man, someone should be tweeting/posting the JPGs from:
Wanker for President!