Friday, April 24, 2015

Organizing underway to ensure removal of Estabrook Dam

Glad to see an emerging informational and organizing campaign underway to make sure Milwaukee removes the Estabrook Dam - - finally - - to restore the health of the Milwaukee River and the integrity of the Milwaukee County budget.

More information in this recent, excellent post by Milwaukee Riverkeeper, and now at this new website explaining why the dam's removal is in the public interest:

Millions of dollars added back into the County budget, which is money local taxpayers won’t have to come up with.

A much healthier, significantly less polluted river. 

Reduced flood risk and likely reduction of insurance costs for homeowners in the Estabrook Dam floodplain.

Increased property values as flood risk is abated and this stretch of river is returned to a much cleaner, more beautiful and natural habitat.

Restoration of the natural and wild aspect of the Milwaukee River in the Estabrook and Lincoln Park areas, which will significantly improve wildlife habitat and reduce wildlife death caused by the dam.

Significantly improved fish habitat and better fishing throughout the Milwaukee River. Our native fish species cannot get past the dam to swim upstream to spawn, and its removal will increase fish populations.

Improved paddling – during normal river levels, you’ll be able to kayak or canoe from West Bend to Lake Michigan.

A significant decrease in the force of currents during severe rainstorms, which increases human safety and decreases erosion along the river.

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Marcio Wilges said...

Removal of the dam may be a significant change towards improving the environment here, but you know what else would be? If people stop littering and causing the pollution to begin with!