Thursday, April 23, 2015

An alternate headline for Walker/political travel story

The headline and more expansive lede on the State Journal story reads this way:
Scott Walker's political group says it will repay security travel costs 
Gov. Scott Walker's political nonprofit group said Thursday that it will reimburse the state for all of the governor's political travel costs, including his security detail.
How about this as an alternative headline:

Scott Walker's political group will repay taxpayers wrongly-billed for political travel, costs 

Clearly Walker is feeling the heat, and has polling numbers or focus group feedback showing people know he's been ripping off the people on obviously partisan, political travel and bogus 'trade missions.'

And by the way, what a crock that these co-called exploratory committees, spending freely on partisan goals, are non-profits.


Sue said...

So, if he's starting to pay his campaign expenses, what's the continued benefit in not declaring his candidacy?

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see which way the John Doe goes?

Anonymous said...

Guess the koch brothers gave him enough money to pay for the blatantly illegal campaigning on the taxpayer's dime. They are behind him, otherwise jeb bush would not have proclaimed, "I’m not auditioning for the Koch brothers".

Of course, this will just provide a distraction for walker to steal from taxpayers in other ways to get out of Wisconsin before the absolute failure of his stewardship is undeniable even to the tea-baggin' base.

Raven said...

Once he declares his candidacy, Sue, folks are going to post reminders of his full-second-term "commitment" everywhere they can, as voluminously as they can, at least I am, just to help drive home what a dishonest untrustworthy unreliable skeeve the dirty little liar really is.

James Rowen said...

I don't think he can run overtly with his budget hanging fire.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

They may say they're doing it, but I want to see the actual check repaid to the state Treasury.

Remember, Walker said before the election that he'd ban WEDC from dealing with outsourcers, and 6 months later no such policy has been put in place. Stay on this story

Anonymous said...

I agree; with Slippery Scott it's "show me the money!" You know by the time they chalk up everything that the trips did for the people of Wisconsin the amount that they actually give to the Treasury will be chump change. Plus we've got that clown Adamcyzk as Treasurer and he's too busy trying to fire Nelson and discredit La Follette that we'll never know how much money they actually gave us.