Thursday, April 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday Walker Files

I would highly recommend re-reading these items or circulating them back to authors of stories that include the phrase "son of a Baptist preacher" - - an issue I have raised before - - without any follow-through to the obvious contradictions:

Cory Liebmann's 2011 posting about Walker ethical problems as an elected official dating to 2002 - - many of which do not routinely appear in Walker bios or so-called in-depth pieces.

John Dean's two-part 2012 posting about Walker's authoritarian personality and behaviors - - a must-read if people are seriously considering giving Walker command of the world's most powerful military.

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Raven said...

Don't forget the "bullies are cowards" aspect of the psychology.

For all that Walker boasted that his "facing down" Act 10 civil protesters demonstrated his ability to face down ISIS — actually, he just evaded those civil protesters by taking tunnels under the Capitol building.