Monday, April 20, 2015

Like attracts like: Walker is the Kochs' favorite

[Updated] No one in Wisconsin is surprised that the Koch brothers - - the wealthiest, most-active rightwing American political ideologues want Scott Waller - - the least-principled and most destructive GOP politician on the scene to run for President in 2016.

Not Cruz or Jindal or Perry or Paul or Huckabee of any of the other Tea Party and GOP second-and-third-stringers.

And not Jeb Bush, though certainly a conservative, but too independent of the authoritarian, one-dimensional Koch greed machine.

They want Walker - - shallow, weak, untrained, insubstantial, immature, eagerly duplicitous, introspection-free - - in other words, the perfect front.

And because he has implemented in Wisconsin what the Kochs and their ilk want nationally, and have wanted since the New Deal - - a roll back of the public sector and its inclusive progressive Federal policies and laws, including the Voting Rights Act, Roe v. Wade, the Clean Air Act, collective bargaining, the Clean Water Act and Obamacare, to name but a few initiatives that serve broad, diverse and socially-conscious constituencies and goals.

What the Kochs want and what Walker would deliver in exchange for a title is protected privilege and preserved profits - - more of both than the out-sized portion of each they already enjoy.

In a word, control.

Walker and the Kochs deserve each other. Wisconsin and the country do not.

Walker being their tool and fool - - yes, the fool for throwing in with the most hated political duo in America - - will bring more attention to what Walker has already done to our state and a greater impetus for Wisconsin to tell its cautionary story.

One summary about Walker's politics from this blog - - among many since 2007 - - here.


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Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that the folks that build a fortune supplying lead additives to Joseph Stalin have decided to anoint Scott Walker America's petty little dictator?

The Roots of Stalin in the Tea Party Movement

The Koch family, America's biggest financial backers of the Tea Party, would not be the billionaires they are today were it not for the godless empire of the USSR.

These guys know a good fascist when they see one!

Anonymous said...

AMEN, James Rowen!! -- Steve Raikin

Anonymous said...

I, for one, certainly feel better that my state has been purchased by the Koch brothers with blood money from Joseph Stalin. If Scott Walker is their "boy", then he will be my boy too and I will dutifully goose-step with Scott Walker until he can bring the fascists Stalin/Koch fortune to bear controlling the White House.

Crony capitalism and Stalin-style communism are the same thing anyhow.

Sue said...

I welcome this news. It makes clear that the Koch Bros. have chosen who they will buy in 2016. This will keep Scooter in the race, with many more opportunities to show the nation what many voters and most media in Wisconsin have been dutifully or willfully ignoring.
Maybe a few of the media organizations in Wisconsin will finally start informing readers exactly which 'grassroots organizations' are Koch-funded, now that there is a definite connection between Scott and his masters.
Flush that money down the toilet, Chuck and Davy.

Bill Kurtz said...

One other fun fact about the Koch family: The patriarch, Fred Koch, was one of the founders of the John Birch Society.