Saturday, April 18, 2015

Big Walker donor slimes Hillary Clinton

He's donated to Scott Walker, but will our Governor/minister's son disown Donald Trump for this? 
Hey - In case you're looking for that tweet you deleted .. I got it right here.


my5cents said...

OMG!! Seriously!! Is that for real or did someone make it up. Do all Republicans have nothing better to do than sit around and dream up the most shocking, disgusting things they can to say about other people? Do they no longer have any morals? How do you ever trust people like that? I think life was better when people couldn't instantly shoot off some lame comment about others. It was better when they had to write it down and think about what they are saying. One can only hope that these types of comments will soon come to an end, or at least slow down dramatically.

Raven said...

"Do they no longer have any morals?"

"No longer"? When since 1968* did they?

* Not only Nixon's "Southern Strategy", but the year candidate Nixon sabotaged the Paris Peace Accords to avoid the possibility that the Democrats would end the Vietnam War then win the election on that strength. Another 22,000 Americans (and untold Vietnamese) died in the War after Nixon took office.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

No, the GOPs really don't have anything better to do, or to run on. And that mentality is leading toward a Dem landslide in 2016, since more than 50% of people will be voting

my5cents said...

Trump is nothing by slime himself. He makes most people want to throw up.