Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A week late, on 'trade mission,' Walker panders to Boston via Twitter

I have been writing for the last few days about Scott Walker's self-serving, partisan and political campaigning via Twitter while on a taxpayer-paid 'trade mission' in Europe.

He bashed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, yammered about gun rights and called for "lethal" aid to Ukraine - - all while purportedly trying to sell beer to the Germans and cheese to the French - - but are there no limits to his shame-free, monomaniacal political focus?

Look at this spate of Tweets today. What does this have to do with a Wisconsin trade mission? And did someone just shove a week-old copy of USA Today under his hotel room door about the April 8th guilty verdict in the Boston Marathon murder trial, leading him to run to his phone or a laptop and put these tweets up for potential Boston, or nearby New Hampshire reader/voters:


Anonymous said...

Dear Scooter: Boston is home to the Dropkick Murphys.

Boston's urban policies are popularly supported and are the polar opposite of everything you've done and represent.

Boston's water is the safest and the best in the nation, again, thanks to policies you openly mock.

Oh, and Boston is filled to the brim with young Badger-accented newcomers who utterly loathe you.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

He is tweeting in response to the anniversary of the bombing, which is today. Not regarding the verdict, so he gets a pass on this one. That being said, he's still a jerk..

Anonymous said...

All within a short time span. Hmm

Raven said...

"That being said, he's still a jerk."

And a wanker.