Thursday, April 16, 2015

Walker missed that class on Lincon's "house divided" speech

Lincoln was an empathetic uniter who warned against a "house divided," so never would have embraced and implemented - - as has Walker, twice - - "divide-and-conquer."

His tweet and proclamation referenced ring calculated, hollow and insincere, given his record.
Honoring President Lincoln today on the 150th anniversary of his assassination:


my5cents said...

Walker is two-faced. He doesn't really "think" about what he says or does. He just thinks it and does it and the fallout be damned. He thinks he's right on everything and that's how he rolls. He's a good obedient puppet for the Koch's and Corporate America. People don't really matter to him.

JB said...

Did you note the reference in the proclamation to President Lincoln's "optimistic spirit"? Doug LaFollette must have almost thrown up on the document when he placed his signature on it. Walker's ignorance of history continues to astound.

Anonymous said...

Walker doesn't have to acknowledge, be aware of, or even understand anything Abraham Lincoln did. The media has already proclaimed him Lincolnesque, a regular joe (tm), and hero to the working man.

2016 will be more contentious than 2000. The smart money is on the SCOTUS anointing Walker king when its all said and done. Its important to be ready to push back this time (which is why I share).

Anonymous said...

LINCOLN: "with malice toward none; with charity for all;"


WALKER: "divide and conquer"

Who is the better man?


Anonymous said...

Don't matter, MOFU will make Scott Walker the next president and 150 years from now, those that can't recount his humble eagle scout days, big bold ideas & reforms, working man's hero status, and his ability to be just like us will be the subject of posts like your wrote today.

Times change. Why not get with the program?

Anonymous said...

Walker didn't miss anything. He knows that ol' Abe ain't gonna provide a viable pathway into the White House.

He's runnin' fer President, for Pete's sake! Lincoln is on a PENNY! That ain't the kind of do Walker needs to buy his way into Washington DC.

Raven said...

Yes, well, the neo-Confederate heart of the modern GOP came out to wave the stars-&-bars on Twitter:

"150 years ago today, the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. America is forever indebted.

— Senate Republicans (@Senate_GOPs) April 15, 2015"