Saturday, April 18, 2015

WI over-billed family planning groups by 93%? Drafting error 2.0

I'm sure the massive over-billing was nothing more than a drafting error, and the threat to the organizations' survival was completely unintended.

These things happen: not long ago a restaurant server gave me the wrong check. "Excuse me," I said, "but we didn't order a strawberry Margarita."

This clerical error could easily have happened to organizations providing services other than the family planning programs hated by Walker's 'pro-life' core constituents - - and had nothing to do with politics or ideology or a back-door method of shutting down even more clinics than those which Walker bragged about having closed when he recently fired up Iowa Tea Party activists.


Anonymous said...

I was once given a mistaken bill at a restaurant. Seemed they confused my dinner tab with their building mortgage. It was an honest error -- only off by several thousands of dollars (I had only dined on a coke and burger).

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is too busy doin' what he says God tells him to do to sweat details like math, integrity, lawfulness, serving the electorate, and that pesky constitution piece of paper.

Keepin' his arse out of jail is a pretty high priority too, so people shouldn't expect too much in the way of accuracy here. After all, if you were in the middle of a criminal scheme, what would YOUR priorities be?

Anonymous said...

So what's the real scoop here? PoliticusUSA is not a bad site, but it does (IMHO) go overboard as a cheerleader to the Democratic Party and their version of "progressive":

New Hampshire Dud: Scott Walker Speech Bumped To A Smaller Room Due To A Wedding

Is this tweet indicative of Scotty falling out of favor with NHGOP?

Reid J. Epstein

Scott Walker, getting no favors from NHGOP. His speech tonight moved into far smaller room b/c wedding taking over main venue.

Is this significant?

Anonymous said...

Is it significant - probably more relective on NH than Walker. Surprised he didn't try to do a blessing at the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Remember after the protests the Walker administration said damage to the Capitol was in the MILLIONS..........later it turns out the damage was miniscule! It seems like these errors are used to draw headlines only to have the truth later buried on the back pages or the truth does not come out at all.

Bernie Ebbers said...

Details shmetails!


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else concerned about God telling Walker to be a pants-on-fire psychopathic liar? This Christian God has a pretty strange sense of humor. I mean if this is the kind of crap God tells Walker to do in public, what kind of strange, perverse, and sick things does God whisper in his ears to do in private?

Anonymous said...

The God of Scot Walker's understanding is a very sick little monkey.