Saturday, April 11, 2015

Job creation in Milwaukee - - Walker-style

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UWM will offer buyouts to employees

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget this one! GeminiCares president and owner Kathleen Rublee has said she is closing the doors and laying off 701 Wisconsinites.

GeminiCares president and owner Kathleen Rublee issued a statement April 7 in which she said the state budget for long-term care of the elderly and disabled has been under the strain of increased costs and increased numbers of state residents needing care.

State officials have sought to make services cost-efficient, but that “put financial strains on those entities which are involved in this system, managed care organizations, county agencies and provider agencies,” Rublee said.

“This along with the uncertainty of the long-term care system of service provision due to changes proposed by Governor Walker weighed heavily into the decision to cease operations,” Rublee said. “Governor Walker has a large task before him as he attempts to address the significant cost pressures of long term care in Wisconsin while also attempting to maintain quality care.”

Walker is an economic disaster, but since he has the in-state media covering his back as a "big, bold" reformer and a "common joe", economic powerhouse & workingman's hero, the national media is not going to contradict this narrative (though they will poke him with largely meaningless stories like whether or not he will make a statement on evolution).

Walker is desperate to get out of Dodge before the Wisconsin economy is so anemic that it isn't possible to misrepresent it as "open for business". Walker's backers know that their economic policies, austerity agenda, and take-down of the middle class will continue to impede economic growth in Wisconsin.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but this is why they now want him in the White House and away from Wisconsin.