Friday, April 17, 2015

National media note Walker's trade mission political Tweeting

[Updated 12:52 p.m.] Spotted this today in Mike Allen's early morning, daily must-read "Playbook" email by
--"Walker says he doesn't talk foreign policy abroad - then tweets about it," by The Guardian's Ben Jacobs: "Walker remains unequivocal about his personal policy that he will not discuss foreign policy while abroad, which he reiterated before heading on a second European trade mission of 2015. But that hasn't stopped [him] from sending multiple signed tweets directly commenting on foreign policy while overseas this week."
The link goes to The Guardian story, filed from Washington, DC:
Scott Walker says he doesn’t talk foreign policy abroad – then tweets about it
Glad to see that - - as The Guardian had given Walker a tough time for dodging foreign policy questions on the earlier 'trade mission' to London - - though I sure would have preferred Wisconsin media highlight the issue and particularly Walker's politicking from Europe on state, taxpayer-paid time.

I did post on this blog all week and also at Purple Wisconsin about Walker's political focus and tweets on the state taxpayer dime while he was on the foreign 'trade mission' trip.

 A sample...
Said he wouldn't as foreign visitor, but Walker hits Obama in Europe

On state 'trade mission,' Walker tweeting politics multiple times daily

...and raised the same questions as does The Guardian, but when I read Jacobs' piece I learned that in the Walker tweets, "TW" at the signature stands for Tonette Walker, and not Team Walker, as I presumed.

If indeed TW is Tonette Walker, then all the more reason for state taxpayers through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation which is paying the bills not to cover Tonette Walker's expenses if her job there was to post some of the more overt political tweets for Walker followers to read, like thos one yesterday:
. launches another "reset" while the Russian Defense Minister blames US for violence in Ukraine. - TW


Anonymous said...

The Wisconsin media, that overwhelmingly endorsed him & even manufactured an "October surprise" against Mary Burke (directly republishing koch brothers propaganda and lies that she was fired from TREK) is not going to start telling the truth about Walker now, especially since this story demonstrates why ongoing John Doe probes SHOULD be continued: Scott Walker continues to shamelessly campaign on Wisconsin taxpayers' dime!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:45 is right.

Wisconsin's media got in bed with the most sleazy politician to ever emerge from the Dairy State. Now they can't even report on what the Governor is doing, because doing so will reveal the massive media failure across Wisconsin. Walker is the dude they brought to the dance. He is "their guy". He is a media creation who could never be considered a credible candidate for the White House based on his merits and the outcome of his policies.

We are entering unchartered, potentially dangerous territory. Walker is a war-monger. All he knows how to do is grab headlines from compliant media that is in his pocket. He knows the state's largest media outlets are not going to admit that they were wrong to uncritically support and endorse him. Walker knows they cannot.

He probably also understands that the best way for Wisconsin's rightwing media to save face is to promote Walker's presidential ambitions, getting him out of the State before things get really bad. Both Walker and his media assets understand that if he remains a fixture here in Wisconsin, it will be difficult to escape responsibility for the economic and divisive havoc he created.

Anonymous said...

Who paid for the devices and internet access for SKW and TW's clearly political campaigning tweets while in Europe?

This certainly appears to be a case of using state agencies (WEDC and DOA) and taxpayer money for campaigning. This seems very serious.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:30

Walker has assumed that if he uses state assets and taxpayers' money to run for President, Badger State rubes will be too pleased with themselves for having launched his national career to object to blatantly illegal misuse of his current office. Walker may pander and even be a crook, BUT HE'S OUR PANDERIN' CROOK!

Anonymous said...

Travelgate; anyone? Anyone?! Georgia Thompson deserves a public apology from this administration - for many reasons.

Anonymous said...

The party of Responsibility, and it's supporters, are once again evading responsibility for their actions. Classic sociopath behavior.

Anonymous said...

This is Walker exhibiting sociopathic behavior, once again. He says he will not talk about politics while in a foreign land, but considers twitter remarks to be OK—creating deniability, in that he did not literally TALK about political topics.

Also the signature of TW on the tweets provides more opportunity for denial of responsibility. He can put the blame on Tonette, when he is called out on his nefariouus actions. The sociopath's personal perspective is that they never do wrong.

Raven said...

But I didn't SAY it if I TWEETED it!

And I didn't TWEET it if my WIFE'S initials are on the tweet!

And I'll think up some OTHER excuse if I have to! BENGHAZI!