Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring break in Europe: the way those kids travel these days!

I figure Scott Walker is finishing up a dinner with schnitzel and fine German beverages right about now on the first evening of his absolutely non-political week long trip to Germany, France and Spain.

And so soon after a similar trip to London. Life is good.

Nothing beats Paris and the Basque country for a little work-study in the spring time, especially when someone else is picking up the airfare, hotels, meals and in-country travel.

I hope pesky reporters don't ruin the limited time has there with off-topic questions about that non-campaign Presidential campaign he's running back in the US of A.

Likewise, let's hope that unionist don't press him about his attacks on collective bargaining and union rights and wage rates, and I'm counting on Spanish officials to be polite when he's there and keep quiet about the lawsuit the Spanish train maker Talgo is pressing over the Talgo train contract and factory, and Amtrak construction work that Walker wiped out soon after his election in 2010.

These are heady times for Walker. Just a few years ago, a big trip was the car pool from Wauwatosa to Madison for a day of legislative committee and caucus meetings.

Now, Paris.


And, Molotov!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if he and his entourage will use the dreaded "eurail system." Just curious.

If they do, it would be great theater to see his response after actually enjoying the comforts of rail travel.

Plus, consider the additional energy and capital spent to build a system like that. People, employed? NO Whay!

Who wants it?

Raven said...

And when, oh when, will Wisconsin tax-payers ever get to see an objective cost-benefit analysis of Wanker's expenditure of their tax dollars on these purported non-campaign non-luxury trips?

Their state legislature isn't going to ask on their behalf, is it?

Anonymous said...

The Germans have to be laughing their heinies off listening to such a fool.