Thursday, April 16, 2015

Doyle, Barrett lured wind energy firm to WI, but I'll bet Walker...

[Updated] Left out that part of the story - - along with any references to his special-interest opposition to solar and wind energy - - when he met with the Spanish firm Ingeteam today on his 'trade mission.'

Ingeteam opened in 2010 its first US plant in Milwaukee with city, Doyle-era state and Obama stimulus funding assistance. Yes, that stimulus plan Walker had attacked.

The same plan that was paying for the Amtrak expansion  - - with Spanish-built trains assembled in Milwaukee - - which Walker killed.

As I said the other day, I bet Walker won't bring that up or the train-maker Talgo's continuing lawsuit against the state - - when he's in Spain trying to win the trust of Spanish business people.

Walker's hypocrisy is limitless: He was killing wind energy installations within weeks of his inauguration on behalf of certain real estate and fossil fuel interests.

Note this report by Louis Weisberg at Wisconsin Gazette, following Walker sudden move after his election to stall rules which had been worked out for wind turbine siting:

When Wisconsin voters elected Scott Walker governor and handed Republicans control of the Legislature, about 1,000 new jobs in the emerging wind energy sector stood waiting on the state's horizon, according to industry proponents. 
But Walker, who received at least $1.5 million in campaign cash directly from interests opposed to wind energy and much more indirectly, quickly quashed the rules that would have allowed those jobs - and the state's energy independence - to move forward…
Invenergy, a Chicago-based company, announced in March that it was canceling the Ledge Wind Energy center, a 100-turbine facility proposed for Brown County, due to the GOP's refusal to go forward with the compromise wind siting rules. Shortly afterward, Midwest Wind Energy, also based in Chicago, said it was suspending a 75-turbine wind farm that had been under development for four years.


my5cents said...

Didn't everything that was good come to a screeching halt when Walker became governor. Seems to me as though it did.

Anonymous said...

We don't need no wind-energy-train-building commies in Wisconsin. What we need is more koch toilet paper!

Gonna need major cleansing wipes when Walker leaves us behind for Pennsylvania Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Walker put $250,000 in his budget for a new study on the negative effects of wind power. The budget committee voted to remove the $250,000 from the budget and have the Public Service Commission review existing studies, opening the door to non-peer-reviewed studies, done by anyone. Can we guess which way this is going? Good luck, Ingeteam.

Where's the press calling Walker on his two-faced approach? And when will Ingeteam find out where Walker really stands?

Raven said...

Credit Scott Walker for CONSISTENCY, at least.