Friday, April 24, 2015

Walker PAC hires Reagan bio firm

The Conservative website Breitbart reports a big Walker PAC communications, strategy hire.

The news rates a mention in Friday's Politico Playbook, a key DC insiders' report:
2016 PLAYERS -- “Reagan biographer firm signs on for communications, strategy for Scott Walker Super PAC,” by Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle: “Shirley & Banister Public Affairs will be handling strategic communications for Walker’s Super PAC, the Unintimidated PAC.”


Anonymous said...

MJS is catapulting the propaganda again today -- just shameless what leads

On campaign trail, Walker sheds light on influence of faith

"Few things are as central to understanding Scott Walker as his relentless political calculus and his evangelical Christian faith."

Remarkable that they think they can promote walker with such a non-sequitor: "relentless political calcus" and "his evangelical Christian faith" dont' belong in the same sentence unless your purpose is to deceive and misinform.

I post because this is what we are up against. Hiring the Reagan bio firm is hiring propaganda artists. Wisconsin's dysfunctional rightwing media machine will do the rest.

my5cents said...

That does not surprise me after I found this on line: Our American Revival
Note the quote on the bottom of the page (open link and scroll to the bottom):

You can expect even more from the man who invented trickledown economics to appear in Walker's campaign. With all of the money behind him, his overblown ego (the king complex), and those who blindly follow him without question, how do you stop this except for the John Doe investigation charging him for breaking campaign laws. Of course he has managed to rework the state supreme court so that that will not happen either. No one should be able to do the things he has done and get away with them. He answers to no one. Once I read the story from NBC about how he went about getting Act 10 passed, I would not put anything past him to get what he wants. He is as ruthless as the old mob bosses. But, he comes across to many like the boy next door, or just a regular Joe. He has been preparing himself for this since he was a teenager. He’s has practiced and honed his image and methods of convincing others to go along with him until it is smooth as ice. I have known other people in my lifetime who were capable of this type of manipulation although on a smaller scale. They always know exactly what to say and how to say it to get what they want. They are like wolves in sheep clothing and everyone should be aware of them.
As I have said previously, go back and check his record to know exactly who he is and what you can expect from him in the future. You will be disappointed if you think he’s the right guy to be president of the U.S. If that happens, expect to see nothing but misery and injustices and see the country taken back to a time you won’t believe where the rich will rule everything and everyone.

Anonymous said...

Was wrong, jsonline features a THREE-FER pro-Walker propaganda blitz right now, including this gem:

Walker security detail travel costs won't be paid for by taxpayer

Of course, there has been no reimbursement for travel nor is their likely to be any once the taxpayers have been soaked.

These haven't been "trade missions" after all, but don't expect the truth from MJS.

Why else would he suddenly change directions and stop funding them with tax dollars? So now, one would have to assume, his time away is for his own benefit, not the state's. But, of course, he's not really campaigning to be president. No human could possibly know what the man is doing. Only God knows and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is doing what it can today to cast this outrageous propaganda.