Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tracking Scott Walker stupid thinking since 2/24/07

The earliest ridiculous quote of Walker's which I find on this blog is more than eight years old. Remember all that economic development Walker pushed and jobs he created in Milwaukee when he was County executive? I don't either, but I was recently reminded of this:
Scott Walker: County Executive of Fantasy Island
Politicians say the dumbest things when the spin machine is making too much noise in their heads.
Case in point: Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who trashed Mayor Tom Barrett's recently-announced bus-and-trolley transit improvement proposal. 
In a County with a declining transit system organized around outmoded buses, why would the County Exec. dump on a plan that would benefit the system and the county, too? 
Here's what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Walker told the paper's editorial writers Tuesday about why he opposed transit improvements in the county he purportedly leads: 
"Walker said he would like to grow the local economy enough so lower-income people don't have to rely on transit and could instead afford to buy cars if they chose."


Anonymous said...

I remember when Co.Exec Walker pushed for the sale of the Co.Grounds to UWM Real Estate Foundation--"like pouring jet fuel into an economic engine"2009

Gov Walker cuts funding for UW-Milwaukee to build their bio-engineering building at Innovation Campus (formerly the Co. Grounds). 2015

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker wants to poor to decide to be out-of-state multinational corporate billionaires and to give mightily to his presidential campaign.

If they don't? Walker prefers they just die.