Monday, April 13, 2015

Said he wouldn't as foreign visitor, but Walker hits Obama in Europe

You will remember during Scott Walker's first so-called trade mission in London a few weeks ago, he dodged foreign policy questions and criticism of President Obama because he said it wouldn't be polite behavior while in a foreign country.

(And, separately, when Walker puts on his polite, or "midwestern nice" persona, look out.)

Well, Walker is on a second, taxpayer-paid 'trade mission,' this time in Germany, where he has unleashed (noticed early Monday) without a second thought  a stream of political Tweets that further his presidential quest and directly criticize President Obama.



jg said...

While Walker is still in Germany, a member of the press should publicly ask him what he meant when he tweeted from Germany about the "failed foreign policy we’re seeing executed by President Obama today". Another important question to ask is if he now feels it is "polite" and "old fashioned" for an American politician and Presidential candidate to criticize a sitting President on foreign policy from foreign soil.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, Scott Walker has told another lie? Why isn't PolitiFact on this?

Oh yeah, they are too busy with another softball "HALF TRUE" rating. Believe it or not, they claim to have fact-check this verbal garbage:

"And remember, it's not just what we have here. I mean, President Clinton signed something very similar to this nationally back in '93. President Obama voted for something like this in the neighboring state of Illinois when he was a state senator. I just think this is people who are chronically looking for ways to be upset about things, instead of really looking at what it is."

No 2 reasonable people could ever agree on what the heck Scott Walker was saying there, so this rating is, on-its-face horse manure. Hey, but at least it gives Walker another rating with the word TRUE in the assessment.

But when you were growing up, telling your parents something that was even half-true was a FULL LIE!

my5cents said...

What do you expect from someone who is two faced. Nothing he says in one moment means anything in another moment.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Again, flip this around and imagine what kind of fauxtrage we would have heard from 620 or 1130 if Doyle ever took time out from a trade trip to denigrate Dubya. Remember, Walker is allegedly not a candidate for president, which is how he can keep the tax-exempt fraud going.

"Our rules don't apply to us." 21st Century GOP motto

Anonymous said...

Would that be the same SKW that appears frequently throughout the John Doe emails?

my5cents said...

Jake formerly of the LP -- That's because Doyle has too much class to denigrate a sitting President while on a trade mission. He is also much more educated than Walker. He also has more compassion in his little finger than Walker has in his whole body.

Raven said...

"Show that you're a defender of the ."

Say what?

-- Defender of the Full Stop.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Got that right. I didn't even like Doyle that much, but he looks better by the day compared to this corrupt, adolescent dope.