Wednesday, April 29, 2015

As Walker sells his 'success,' layoffs on his watch peaking

Honestly, ye political reporters out there: how can you not take notice?
WI on pace for most layoff notifications of Walker administration in 2015
Tell the story. The whole story - - of false-speaking, economic stagnation and failed trickle-down/favored-donor state financing beyond $1 Kohl's' sweaters, motorcycle rides, and Divine-Reagan inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Nice lead sentence, but you know as well as anyone why the handful of in-state news media that could tell this story and have the rest of the state's news media tell the truth, forcing the national media to do likewise, will not tell this story.

In fact, there's even at least one (perhaps more) media dude that get promoted as a "watchdog" reporter: BWAH HA HA HA HA HA! There is no such thing.

We know that in the years Scott Walker is before the voters, the same media that endorses him and reprints his talking points essentially verbatim, earns record profits and largely even endorses him!

Good post, but surely you also understand that there is no reason that the media that has sold us out for so long is going to start telling the truth now. Is it possible to change the media landscape in Wisconsin?

Not without organized and public economic actions that most-likely have to include boycotts of those that underwrite the garbage they print. If the November 2014 pro-Walker propaganda (actually a Dan Bice-created Milwaukee Journal Sentinel faux "October Surprise" hit piece on Mary Burke) did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt -- the media is in the tank for Walker and his economic terrorism.

I can only hope some people wise-up. The national media will never tell these stories either if the citizens of Wisconsin continue to stand-down and accept the highly-partisan drivel that is on their TVs, in their newspapers, and broadcast over the radio airwaves.

Anonymous said...

Q: Honestly, ye political reporters out there: how can you not take notice?

A: Because there too busy publishing propaganda like this:

State high court quickly ousts Shirley Abrahamson as chief justice

After Psycho-Judge earned national headlines for his choke-a-palooza temper tantrum, MJS went on a mission to blame Shirley Abrahamson for the dysfuction and corruption created by the republican justices (sorry, that's an oxymoron).

Yes, on the one hand the pro-Walker stenographer is reporting on something that has happened, but he has also been publishing dishonest pieces about the situation for years now, including the lie that a Federal Judge said that Abramhamson's lawsuit has no merit. This is not at all what the court decided and now we will see what happens as the legal battles heat up.

But don't expect any more honest coverage here than on the layoff story. It does matter what MJS publishes as the constant stream of disinformation becomes the source for every other media outlet in the right wing echo chamber.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Your repeated concerns are noted.

Anonymous said...

"Noted" is not the same as action. It is part of the problem that the 99% is so divided that many thump their chests saying, "look at me!" Mostly repeating the same thing over-and-over again while claiming that others are doing it to the detriment of the masses.

And in the meantime, the media continues to catapult the propaganda and promote the likes of Scott walker. But he isn't actually he problem. Corporate hacks are a dime a dozen. The real problem is the disinformation masquerading as news. This isn't about journalists failing us. This is about media owners deciding these assets are worth more as propaganda tools than as ad-supported vehicles for information.

Until people agree to demand change in the media landscape, this story cannot be told too often and the Republican stenographers pretending to write news need to be called out.

Anonymous said...


Why are you so hostile about posts that tell the fact that the media is our problem, not the people that they cover?

I have seen you post about this before here and elsewhere. I don't choose to follow your blog because of the attitude of these posts and the fact that you almost always post the same types of things as well.

Do you take exception that the media is our real problem? Do you really think getting Scott Walker out of here changes a thing if the media will just promote the next corporate tool?

Given I have seen you repeatedly post your frustration with the media at another site, yet flame others for doing so, why do you come to a site that specializes in journalism with a highly experienced professional journalist as the blogger, and marginalize those that use this comment board to agree with James and encourage others to blame the media and not Walker?

It does seem to me one of the reason that the Wisconsin Uprising(tm John Nichols) failed is a total lack of Solidarity. Sorry, government employees are not the biggest victims here nor are those that still have jobs the ones that are suffering the most. In this economy, like it or not, most state jobs look pretty good to those of us in the private sector with declining wages, little or no benefits, and absolutely no job security.

Do you really think that the media's role should not be part of the dialog because folks like you have already had your say?

Your posts are very curious given what I have seen you comment on another board, sometimes fairly hostile remarks about people that appear to entirely agree with most of your comments.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Because your takes are boring and repetitive. We get it, the media sucks up to Walker. What does your take add to THIS topic?

Get a hobby, use a legit username, and get out of the 5-paragraph rants that waste our time.