Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Milwaukee will hold oil train hearing Wednesday morning

  • The Milwaukee Common Council will host a hearing on oil train movements.
    The hearing will take place at 9 a.m. Wednesday in City Hall, Room 301-B, and a second hearing will take place April 29th, when Wisconsin Railroad Commissioner Jeff Plale will testify.

    Some background.

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Anonymous said...

The photo depicts the bridge just north of the intersection of First and Florida streets. If anyone were to closely examine that bridge, they would doubt it's structural integrity.

The next bridge as the tracks travel to the southeast passes over Florida Street just to camera right of the above view. There has been a derailment on that bridge in the past. I used to work at a business adjacent to that RR grade, and witnessed it. There have been multiple instances of too tall trucks ramming both of these bridges during recent years, as well.

Considering just these two examples, I am shocked that across the the nationwide RR system, there are not more oil tanker derailments than the recent ones we have heard about, such as the one in Galena, Illinois.

Just lucky, I guess. And is luck really a good infrastructure maintenance policy?