Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lakeshore land use key to Town of Wilson ballot Tuesday

[Tuesday update: I am told the preservationist candidates won! And convincingly.]

The controversial Kohler Co. plan to locate an upscale golf course in a 247-acre nature preserve south of Sheboygan will be sped up or slowed down by Tuesday's Town of Wilson Board of Supervisors elections.

That's because the Town board will eventually decide to recommend either boosting or blocking the golf course - - its added traffic, water-use demands and relationship with an adjacent state park - - and determine whether the development is compatible with the town's long-standing comprehensive land use plan.

There are, I am told, two strong conservationist candidates on Tuesday's ballot - -  John Ehmann running for the chairman's position and Tom Stoelb, a 40-year Town resident who participated in the land use plan creation is seeking a Board seat.

The golf course is not the only issue in the election - - in fact, it's not directly on the ballot - - but a Town board recast with stronger support for transparent citizen input could have an impact on environmental preservation along the lakeshore and statewide. 

So keep your eye on these election results Tuesday night. 

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