Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NBC discovers Scott Walker's #1 adviser: Scott Walker

And #2 is Tonette.

Big tent? That's not even a pup tent.


Anonymous said...

Government by "bombs" is the way to go when you represent the Koch brothers instead of the constituents you have sworn to serve. Why should Scott Walker tell voters what he will do if Wisconsin's dysfunctional right-wing media will catapult his propaganda and endorse his campaigns of empty rhetoric?

It is a sham to proclaim he govern's by surprise -- this isn't what a democratic republic is suppose to look like.

Milwaukeean said...

Nonsense; everyone knows, because Walker told us, that God is his number-one advisor. And, of course, that the Koch Brothers are a close second.

(By the way, it's stunning to see that even at the top at NBC, this reporter cannot spell.)

Sue said...

You beat me to it, Milwaukeean. It should be noted repeatedly that Scott Walker trusts implicitly the voice in his head who identifies itself to him as God.
People need to understand that, when they vote for the person who will have access to the red phone.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who is trolling TPE comments? My guess is TW, herself. "Gotta get out in front of the story, scotty..."

Not once have I heard scotty will consulte with TW.

Guess I was in a coma, sleeping, or not paying attention.

Raven said...

"In his book Walker describes Tonette as 'an excellent political barometer for me because she is like a lot of Wisconsin voters - smart and well read but focused on things other than politics.'"

Oh, reallly? So then, who was sending those extremely political tweets from Europe, initialed "TW"? Scott insisted that was not "Team Walker" but "Tonette Walker" — yet this conflicts with his claim above....