Friday, April 10, 2015

'Trade mission' latest Walker deceit

[Updated, 4:35 p.m.] Walker's next so-called 'trade mission' to Western Europe (selling cheese to the French, or beer to the Germans?) is every bit as intrinsically deceitful as is his broken 250,000 new jobs promise and his WEDC agency as a job-creator.

Or his leaving the environment 'cleaner' than he found it, and his characterization of Act 10 as a "modest proposal" - - more honestly called a "bomb" when he thought he was talking to David Koch - - which he falsely-gift-wrapped as a "budget repair."

These 'trade missions' are part of Walker's taxpayer-paid pre-presidential promotional tour, reminiscent of his Milwaukee County taxpayer-paid motorcycle jaunts around the state - - and even into neighboring states! - - allegedly promoting Milwaukee tourism when he was preparing to run for Governor.

From this phony fiscal conservative there is always a core of clumisely-hidden, game-playing self-promotion that discounts the people and wastes their money.

And misleads the public. Why are his "false" ratings by PolitiFact more than twice those "true?"

A trend that began when he was a student.


Anonymous said...

Will he be meeting with Talgo? Couldn't resist asking.

Anonymous said...

I assume you saw, or would be interested in seeing, a well-written and articulate reflection from Josh Marshall. He is certainly mainstream, a professional journalist, and, while not a progressive blogger, certainly has published critical pieces on national issues that have moved the nation. For example, it was Josh Marshall and Talking Points Memo that began the process of educating the public when George Walker Bush proclaimed he was going to spend his "political capital" to end Social Security.

To understand what is happening now, more people need to read and reflect on this Marshall post which was made yesterday:

Sorry. It's a Jeb and Walker Race

This is a very disturbing outcome. Remember, when Bush I was Vice President, Ronald Reagan was almost murdered and was much closer to death after an assassination attempt March 30, 1981, 69 days into his presidency.

It was a Bush family friend that is alleged to have pulled the trigger! More importantly, Alexander Haig, in his biography, revealed that the context of his famous "I am in control" statement immediately after the assassination attemp when Reagan was in critical condition, was specifically because:

1. He understood the connection between the alleged assassin and the bush family

2. He was not going to allow Bush I to be quickly sworn in as president, as LBJ did on the flight back to Washington, in 1963. Remember, Reagan was very nearly killed (and the public was never told this).

So a Bush/Walker contest? THEY REPRESENT THE SAME INTERESTS. This is EXACTLY 2 sides of the same coin. The Bush family and the Walker family are inter-twined. More reports of this will come out, but much of the media will continue to ignore.

The Bush family fortune did not come from oil. It came from the WALKER family. The WALKER family (George Herbert Walker, the "H.G." in Bush I's name) fronted railroad money, old money, from the Harrimans.

Scott Walker is telling the truth when he states, "I didn't inherit fame or fortune". His family worked for "Herb" Walker in Colorado doing bookkeeping for the Harriman-controlled railroad there. Scott Walker is from the relatively poor side of the Walker family.

But make no mistake about it, George Walker Bush and Scott Walker refer to each other as cousins in public. The point is that this family is connected to powerful, now multinational economic/political players.

The differences between "Jeb" (not his real name) and Scott are minimal as they will both enact the same devisive economic agenda, the very policies that destroyed the US Economy under George Walker Bush and are now disrupting the Wisconsin economy.

Remember, George Walker Bush can be proven to have benefited from election fraud in 2000 & 2004. The next Walker/Bush will try the same path to the White House. And who are going to be the real choices on the Republican Ticket?

Jeb Bush or Scott Walker!

NOTE: A unified "dream team of Jeb Bush with VP Walker is a likely outcome, but DO NOT expect to see a Scott Walker VP Jeb Bush ticket! It is unlikely that anyone will make the mistake of putting a Bush in the VP position again!

But regardless, they are all from the same criminal clan -- google it, there's some amazing stuff out there and some people are working on more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous conspiracy person. Is there any truth the rumors that Walker 1 was shot outside his mistresses house in DC while he was VP? It's a story I was told a long time ago and remember few details of now. Supposedly it was kept a secret.

Anonymous said...

A Doonesbury strip offered $10,000 to anyone who could prove that he served in the Alabama national guard with "W" and thus "W" fulfilled his duty. A similar offer should be made to anyone Up North who can prove that they took a vacation in Milwaukee as a result of one of Walker's motorcycle trips.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe he is going to Spain after the Talgo fiasco. I wonder when that case will get to the courts? Maybe around November 2016? And how much will WI have to pay Talgo for breach of contract? $140 million total. Wisconsin is only open for business when a campaign contributor is involved and then the money goes to the crony and jobs go out of state. Maybe Lester Pines has an update?