Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On Earth Day/layoff-notice day, WI DNR features politcos' hunting


Anonymous said...

Just sounds like more love for walker's business donors. Business as usual, so what's wrong with that?

lufthase said...

They hype the turkey hunt, but no mention of the avian flu that's spreading like wildfire thru the domestic turkey population.

Here's an interesting contrast...
MN DNR is going to be screening hunted wild turkeys for avian flu

No such screening in WI, but Walker has called up the National Guard to help with the clean-up of thousands of dead turkeys and chickens:

I sure hope the Guard bills the affected agribusinesses for their time. This is the risk you take when your business model involves cramming 100,000+ birds into a small space.

Also, will Walker cite this courageous decision as Defense, Homeland Security, Trade, or Foreign Policy experience? Or all of the above?